When I grow up.. I wannabe a Dr.

Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Thursday, January 28

there is only one manchester..

cakap-cakap maestronine

glory2 man united!!

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Monday, January 25
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Thursday, January 21

copaste saje..

cakap-cakap maestronine

"Ah Beng comes back 2 his car & find a note saying 'Parking Fine'
He Writes a note and sticks it to a pole 'Thanks for compliment.'

How do you recognize Ah Beng in School?
He is the one who erases the notes from the book when the teacher erases
the board.

Once A Beng was walking he had a glove on one hand and not on other.
So the man asked him why he did so. He replied that the weather forecast
announced that on one hand it would be cold and on the other hand it would
be hot.
Ah Beng in a bar and his cellular phone rings. He picks it up and
Says 'Hello, how did you know I was here?'

Ah Beng: Why are all these people running?
Man - This is a race, the winner will get the cup
Ah Beng - If only the winner will get the cup, why others running?

Teacher: 'I killed a person' convert this sentence into future tense
Ah Beng: The future tense is 'u will go to jail'

Ah Beng told his servant: 'Go and water the plants!'
Servant: 'It's already raining.'
Ah Beng: 'So what? Take an umbrella and go.'

A man asked Ah Beng why DS Najib Razak goes walking in the Evening and not
in the morning. Ah Beng replied DS Najib Razak is PM not AM"

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Monday, January 18

Look at how fast the big bungalows fall down

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

i cant imagine how it is like if this happends to malaysia.
my heart goes out to haitians. may Allah give u strength.

Thursday, January 14

what's up??

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moving on from one workplace to another could be one of the most exciting experience.. to some, it could be the worst nightmare.. and to some, it could be the most reluctant thing to do..

from medicine to obs&gynae now.. it's totally a new and different environment.. but i guess the basic is still the same.. as an intern, you can't escape from doing the admissions.. bloods.. iv cannulas..

and the question at the end of the day - have you "grown up" as a person?? spiritually, intellectualy, mentally, self-esteem wise etc2.. you name it.. and that's your own responsibility not others..

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Monday, January 11

London Transport Entertaining System

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Thursday, January 7

the new beginning..

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life is sometimes equal to moving and floating around, without knowing the exact destination..

"knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit; wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.." -bod-

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Monday, January 4

me n brother in london - new years eve

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Happy new year