When I grow up.. I wannabe a Dr.

Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Thursday, April 30


cakap-cakap izadiskandar

Moga Allah panjangkan umur, murahkan rezeki, agar sihat sentiasa.
Happy 59th Birthday.

Papa, I am astounded, and amazed, always, on how far you've been. From a mere son of a rubber tapper to ruling a government body (regarding rubber! irony) and to where u are now, you have always been my look-up to. I dont think I am half the man you are. From Kampung bakar batu Johor to Univ California & then Manchester Uni, You've leaped over mountains, swam over seas. You saw things that others dont. You make a name of yourself. Kagum.

Happy birthday papa. I know you visit this blog a lot (tapi tak komen). so heres to a long properous HEALTHY life ahead papa. Here! Here!

It is an honour to be your son, always.
Mohd Izad Iskandar bin ABD RAHMAN.

p/s: Sayang papa...

@ Cezch Rep. Prague

april is ending..

cakap-cakap maestronine

ku sangka panas hingga ke petang, rupanya mendung di tengah hari, belum hujan lagi.. typical Irish weather.. they say you can’t get this else where.. anyhow big game this weekend.. Munster vs. fellow Irish compatriot Leinster.. again, Croke Park, one of the historical stadium in this land of leprechaun will witness two fantastic European rugby teams.. c’mon Munster!!


thu apr 30th 2009 1440

p/s penantian satu penyiksaan..

Tuesday, April 28

Which one is which?

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

Which one is which
From left:
1)Mr Far Left
2)Mr Left
3)Mr Middle
4)Mr Right
5)Mr Far Right

My view:
1) Izad
2) Nik
3) Aiman
4) Shahid
5) Ameen

Whatcha think?

Monday strikes again.

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

Things work out in mysterious ways.

People look down on others.

Love doesnt last.

The mirror is misleading.

Pencils are cowards.

Men only hear what they want to hear.

Anxiety kills.

Authority provokes rebellion.

Sex is not everything.

The end does not justify the means.

Shorten nails are proper.

A cow is not a bull.

If you think this is random. You are wrong.

Assumption is the straw of fallacy.

Think again.

Thursday, April 23

telling the truth..

cakap-cakap maestronine

we were watching this reality show - the moment of truth, while celebrating aiman's 25th.. the contestant can win up to 500 grand USD if they answer 21 personal Qs "correctly".. the answer is either yes or no.. there is no do-not-know option.. the answer is then analysed to determine if he/she gives an "honest" answer.. or trying to "lie".. they start off with "easy" Qs and gradually move into more intense relationship Qs.. or shall i say potential-relationship-destroyer Qs..

later we came up with a number of questions as well.. "would you cover up your friend, if he/she is accused of negligence??" "would you consider marrying an older woman for the sake of going up the ladder of success quicker?? " "would you prefer to 'naik' quicker but end up at a lower rank or 'naik' slower but end up at a higher rank??" and some others which i couldn't really remember..

ppl say honesty is the best policy.. but i say you might want to think of the repercussions, the good the bad and the ugly before doing things.. having said that, sometimes you need to act instantly and spontaneously on occasions, and think later..

apologies for this "crap" entry.. not so stable haha.. exams fever.. and i'm taking this opportunity on behalf of my other housemates, to wish mohd ilman aiman ismail, a happy 25th birthday.. the second in the house to reach this milestone.. a quarter of a century.. wow.. all the best!!

thu apr 23rd 2009 1955

p/s ilman where are the piccas??

Wednesday, April 22

Tension.. stress dan segala..

cakap-cakap shahied

I miss home

Oh tenkiu tolong angkat batu tu izad..

Jumpa kawan lama kat Madrid. Zinedine "headbutt" Zidane 


cakap-cakap brainbarrier

two back to back 4-4 results for liverpool fc
the bad thing was liverpool defenders forgot how to defend properly like they always do
the good thing was liverpool attacking players know how to create chances and put away some of them
but... the worse thing is i really believe liverpool's chance of securing the title is very2 tiny winy slim.. and was already out of european cup.... both with those 4-4 scoreline
anyway, both matches were a pleasure to watch (but not in front of in-the-house manc's supporters of course!)
next thing benitez should do.......offer me a contract and secure me as their central defender. not funny.


Monday, April 20

Dalam bilik Aiman.

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

Complication of Hypothermia
High K
intravascular coagulation
High amylase
QT lengthening
High creatinine
acute renal failure

ECG sign
J wave

"how frozen i then became: i did not die, yet nothing of life remain"
= com'io divenni allor gelato e fioco ..... io non mori e non remasi vivo (dante)

@ primum non nocere.

Sunday, April 19


cakap-cakap brainbarrier

Extracted from PPMC.info: 

"Just want to spread a little story to everyone else.

An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly by the Palestinian Representative and made the world community smile.

'Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Moses. When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, 'What a good opportunity to have a bath!'

He removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. An Israeli had stolen them.'

The Israeli representative jumped up furiously and shouted,'What are you talking about? The Israelis weren't there then.'

The Palestinian representative smiled and said,

'And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech.'

Sempena kehadiran FINAL EXAM for us final meds @ 75 summerstown road, kami ingin menyusun 50 jari memohon ampun dan maaf andaikata ada terkasar bahasa, terguris perasaan, tercabar ego, sepanjang penerbitan blog ini dan secara general. Harap dapat dimaafkan segala salah dan silap dan dihalalkan makan dan minum. Doakan agar kami berjaya dan dapat menukar motto blog ini kepada, WHEN I GROW UP, I WANNA BE A DOCTOR, NOW I AM REALLY A DOCTOR. :)

Friday, April 17
cakap-cakap ilman aiman

one and two, dynamic hip screw...
three and four, austin moore...

what the hell am i talking about... go figure.

Thursday, April 16

final countdown..

cakap-cakap maestronine

all the best lads.. yes we can!! we have to sprint/jog/walk/crawl for another less than 5% of this journey.. let's do this together..

thu apr16th2009 0945

Wednesday, April 15

15 April 1995

cakap-cakap shahied

Ahmad Firdaus

This is my youngest dearest little brother.
He is a spoilt boy since he has 6 other brothers and sisters above him. Spoilt with love la kan. Hahaha.
Today 15 of April is his 14th birthday. So happy birthday FIDOSSSSSSSSSS!!!
I remember when he was born he was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. i couldnt take my hands of him. Same when shahmi was little as well. I loved to play with him, helped mum out giving him bottle feeds, burping him till he falls asleep on while laying on my chest.
I like to bully him, hahaha.
I tried to influence him as much as i can into football as i did with Shahmi as well. hahaha.. now he's a footie maniac like his big bros "p

Now he's all grown up. hopefully i've influenced him in a good way, hopefully he'll turn out to be someone great.
He's coming here for my graduation as well as the 2nd last one Shahmi with my parents. Kesian dorg berdua tak penah jejak kaki ke Uk lagi my dad said.hehe.
So i have to study hard, supaya adik boleh berbangga dengan abangnya yg berjaya jadi 1st Doctor in the family. InsyaAllah.

oh, there he is bolot all the durian to himself. Mmg hantu durian budak ni. So geng la makan durian ngn ayahnye :P

beberapa hari sebelum finals

cakap-cakap brainbarrier

im scared s*** now, im serious!
damn. argh.

Ya Allah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim, tambahkanlah kerajinan dalam diri hambaMu yang pemalas ini.. ameen

Rakan2 soleh diluar sana, doakan untuk saya yaaaaa.

cork games..cork games jugak >_<

-ameen si penakut-

Monday, April 13

Mr Mondays vid

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

Who's son are u?
Kau ni anak siapa?

Sunday, April 12

Kenapa anda mahu jadi doktor?

cakap-cakap brainbarrier

ni artikel yg sudah lama ditulis oleh ustaz hasrizal @ saifulislam.com. sure ramai dah baca. Rasanya memang sesuai utk student2 tak pasti nak kerjaya apa in the future. so khas utk 75'ers, and all the final meds, artikel ni mungkin boleh buat kita terfikir which career path/specialty should we choose..

ameen @ 75... 250am menunggu subuh.

Kenapa Mahu Menjadi Doktor?

“Kenapa anda mahu jadi doktor?”, saya melemparkan soalan ini, selepas mempertontonkan kepada pelajar di IMU tadi video dari koleksi Stephen R. Covey.

Pelajar yang hadir tersenyum-senyum.

“Sebab minat biologi?”, saya bertanya.

Ramai yang ketawa. Itu mungkin alasan semasa di Tingkatan 4 dahulu.

“Sebab suka tolong orang?”, saya terus bertanya.

Ramai yang mengangguk.

“Well, come on. Ramai yang hantar anak buat perubatan supaya boleh rawat ibu bapa sendiri nanti. Tetapi realitinya, kamu bukan manusia pertama boleh muncul memberikan rawatan jika berlaku apa-apa kepada ibu bapa. Malah ketika di bilik pembedahan dan wad kecemasan, ahli keluarga bukanlah calon terbaik untuk merawat ahli keluarga sendiri. Namanya, profesionalisma”, saya menyambung provokasi.

“Kamu nak tolong suami, isteri dan anak-anak? Rasa saya, suami doktor, isteri doktor dan anak-anak doktorlah yang paling banyak kena berdikari”, saya terus mencucuk jarum.

“Saya selalu beritahu isteri, bahawa apabila awak berjaya jadi specialist nanti, jangan lupa bahawa orang yang paling banyak berkorban ialah tiga orang ini. Anak-anak kita. Merekalah yang berkorban, melepaskan masa yang sepatutnya kita beri kepada mereka, agar kita berjaya”, saya berkongsi cerita.

Saya sengaja mengacah pelajar-pelajar di IMU supaya berfikir bersungguh-sungguh, mengapa mereka memilih bidang perubatan.

Jika anda seorang perempuan yang bakal menjadi doktor, anda perlu tahu bahawa walaupun negara amat terdesak kepada adanya ramai tenaga pakar, anda tidak akan diberikan ‘kemudahan’ untuk menjadi pakar. Anda tidak ada cuti bersalin, seandainya anda ‘termengandung’ semasa sedang membuat program pakar. Anda tidak menerima sebarang elaun untuk membeli buku. Semua kena guna duit sendiri. Kursus dan seminar yang anda hadir, anda mesti membayarnya sendiri. Mungkin anda terpaksa menawarkan diri menjadi AJK agar dapat dikecualikan dari yuran, walaupun anda tahu akibat menjadi AJK itu. Semua orang mahu anda bekerja seperti orang lain, ketika anda terdesak menghadapi peperiksaan. Tiada belas, tiada insentif.

Misalnya isteri saya, kerana 2 minggu cuti yang diperuntukkan untuk kecemasan dan lain-lain, sudah pun digunakan bersalin, lupakanlah kenduri kendara di kampung, lupakanlah ibu bapa, 6 bulan tiada cuti.

Bukan calang-calang kerja.

Anda mahu menjadi pelajar perubatan kerana mahu menolong orang? Tolonglah diri sendiri kerana anda yang amat memerlukan pelbagai pertolongan itu nanti.

“Maka, apa tujuan anda mahu menjadi doktor?”, soalan yang sama saya ulang sekali lagi.

Pelajar-pelajar itu termenung. Sesi soal jawab tiada soalan, kerana semua soalan adalah untuk ditanya kepada diri sendiri, dan diri sendirilah yang perlu menjawabnya.


Kuliah kali ini adalah tentang nilai. Apa nilai yang dibawa dalam sebuah pekerjaan? Dalam sebuah kehidupan.

Jika seorang isteri mengungkit di hadapan suami, bahawa kerja rumahnya, kerjanya ‘melayan suami’, tidak mungkin mampu dibalas walaupun dengan bayaran RM2000 sebulan, maka nilai apakah yang ada pada dirinya? Saya tidak bermaksud membela lelaki yang tidak tahu menghargai isterinya, tetapi dalam kes ini, si perempuan itu sudah menjatuhkan dirinya.

Hanya ‘bibik’ sahaja yang buat kerja rumah untuk duit. Maafkan saya, hanya pelacur sahaja yang meletakkan harga pada layanannya terhadap seorang lelaki.

Seorang ibu membuat kerja rumah kerana NILAI KASIH SAYANG. Seorang isteri juga melakukan apa yang ia lakukan atas NILAI KASIH SAYANG. Maka tanpa kasih sayang, perkahwinan adalah beban. Malah sumber kebencian.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Menentukan nilai, sebagai pendorong kita melakukan sesuatu adalah sangat penting. Nilai itu akan mencorakkan tingkah laku kita terhadap pekerjaan yang kita lakukan.


Kalau pekerjaan diukur dengan nilai wang, maka kita akan berhadapan dengan banyak masalah, walaupun wang berjaya diperolehi.

Sekarang ni sudah menjadi satu trend kepada dua industri, kalau boleh saya katakan industri. Yang pertamanya adalah industri perubatan, dan yang keduanya, industri berkaitan petroleum. Trend yang saya maksudkan di sini, adalah perpisahan di antara seorang suami atau isteri dengan pasangannya, serta anak-anak, kerana prospek kerjaya dan desakan nilai wang itu tadi.

Sudah menjadi kebiasaan, pasangan yang sudah berumahtangga, berpisah sementara (bukan calang-calang sementara) demi melepaskan isteri yang bekerja sebagai jururawat di luar negara, khususnya di negara Teluk. Begitu juga dengan mereka yang terbabit dengan industri petroleum, bekerja di negara Teluk dan Afrika, menyahut saranan majikan untuk meningkatkan kerjaya dan pendapatan dengan berhijrah ke negara yang menagih kepakaran kita. Ia hebat, menggiurkan… tetapi output daripadanya merunsingkan saya.

Itu, belum lagi dikorek kisah suami di Johor, isteri di Pulau Pinang atau Kuala Lumpur.

Trend ini berlaku dan merebak di dalam masyarakat, dan saya ditakdirkan Allah bertemu dengan outputnya. Saya bertemu dengan anak-anak remaja, yang ayah mereka pulang ke Malaysia 4 kali setahun. Saya bertemu dengan kes, suami main kayu tiga ketika isteri meninggalkannya gersang setahun di tanah air. Saya juga bertemu dengan kes isteri yang mem’poligami’kan suaminya dengan bersuamikan orang lain semasa di perantauan. Dan kes-kes ini membiak dari semasa ke semasa. Tidak pernah menjadi tajuk berita.

Tentu sahaja, hasil kewangan dari kenaikan pangkat dengan bekerja jauh dari pasangan dan anak-anak, boleh mengubah nasib keluarga. Tetapi perubahan itu apakah ke arah positif atau negatif? Maka yang dikejar dalam sebuah rumah tangga dan perkahwinan, apakah boleh disandarkan pada nilai material?


Nilai berkadar terus dengan harga. Tinggi nilai, tinggilah harga. Tinggi harga, banyaklah korban dan pengorbanan yang diperlukan bagi mendapatkannya. Untuk bekerja dengan gaji RM10,000 sebulan, apakah harga yang perlu dibayar untuk nilai material RM10K itu? Kehancuran rumah tangga, kepincangan emosi dan identiti anak-anak, dosa… itulah harga yang mungkin perlu dibayar untuk nilai material yang dijadikan asas bekerja.

Anak-anak yang mewah dengan nilai material ini, gersang dan menderita pada nilai kasih sayang dan perhatian ibu bapanya. Sering saya ulang, ‘mereka adalah generasi yang kesunyian’.

Jangan terkejut, dengan hanya 3 hari perkenalan, seorang remaja boleh menjadi mangsa lelaki yang berniat jahat. Mengapa begitu mudah? Lelaki itu memberi sesuatu yang tiada diperolehi remaja tersebut di dalam keluarganya iaitu KASIH SAYANG dan PERHATIAN.

Malam ini saya mahu pelajar-pelajar yang hadir ke kuliah ini, melatih diri mereka dengan tabiat ‘Begin With the End in Mind‘. Lihatlah apa yang menanti di hujung perjalanan mereka sebagai seorang doktor perubatan.


Maka, semenjak mereka di bangku pengajian, soal nilai yang ingin dibawa pada kerjaya di masa hadapan, mesti ditentukan.

Anda boleh mengambil sikap tidak mengendahkan hal ini, bekerjalah selagi mampu, kejarlah habuan material yang dikejar selama ini, tetapi anda perlu meneliti harga yang perlu dibayar. Perhatikan di mana korbannya? Harga dan korban itu mungkin rumah tangga, mungkin pesakit, dan yang paling besar, mungkin sistem itu sendiri.

Hati saya amat terhiris, mendengar kawan-kawan saya dan isteri, mengeluh tentang satu demi satu penceraian yang menimpa pasangan doktor. Sama ada kedua-dua suami dan isteri itu doktor, atau salah seorang daripada mereka.


Atas provokasi inilah, saya mengajak adik-adik di bangku pengajian perubatan, untuk menyemak hubung kait bidang ini dengan Tujuan Hidup mereka. Kenang kembali siapa mereka di alam ini? Kenal diri, dan kenallah Ilahi.

Kita sebagai hamba Allah, menjaga tali kita dengan Dia yang disembah. Yang diabdikan diri kepada-Nya. Ia hablun minaLlah.

Kita sebagai khalifah, menjaga tali kita dengan manusia ciptaan-Nya, kerana kita ditugaskan menjadi saluran kebaikan-Nya ke alam ini. Ia hablun minannaas.

Buat baik kepada sesama manusia, boleh dengan sedekah, boleh dengan memimpin tangan si buta di pinggir jalan. Namun sedekah hanya sekali sekala, orang buta bukan setiap hari kita jumpa. Jalan kebaikan yang paling utama, adalah pada menjadikan kerja sebagai ibadah. Memberi kebaikan kepada manusia, melalui pekerjaan yang dikurniakan Allah kepada kita.


Jika kerja jadi ibadah, Allah adalah ‘CEO’ kita. The unsung hero beroleh quwwah, untuk terus membuat kebaikan, biar sekecil mana pun di mata insan.

Jika kerja jadi ibadah, ia jalan Taqarrub kepada Allah. Tidak tergamak menghambur dosa, kerja dibuat sebaik yang upaya.

Jika kerja jadi ibadah, biar sempit jalan KEPERLUAN, asalkan luas perjalanan mencapai TUJUAN.

Ubah paradigma, betulkan nilai pada kerja.

Teruskan cita-cita kalian menjadi doktor. Ia cara terbesar, kamu zahirkan syukur kepada-Nya.

Kita hamba-Nya, kita Khalifah-Nya.

ABU SAIF @ www.saifulislam.com
56000 Kuala Lumpur

Friday, April 10

Turn up the volume for maximum effect !!!

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

i like this music. it feels as if ur on the last few steps before the final hurdle. and ur running with all ur might to go to the finishing line. u glance to the right... then turn to the left... and u smile. they are familiar faces. faces that u know for at least half a decade. faces that have been part & parcel of ur life not only in the joyful of moments but also in trials and tribulations.

thank u all for making this year, a year to remember. we work so hard to get here and it is getting closer than ever. together, we can make it happen. together we will cross the finishing line.... amin

to my hommies.. thank u. 75 summerstown rules!!!

Chariots Of Fire - Vangelis

Thursday, April 9

one down and done.. four to go..

cakap-cakap maestronine

as usual.. it's me again.. just like everyone, i feel the same.. really glad it's over.. now time to focus on the written and the clinicals.. ayuh berusaha..

and the spontaneous bbq was excellent.. chic + sausages + mashed potato + fried rice + walkers + pringles + ice cream + cakes + beverages.. thank you everyone.. and apologies for any kekurangan etc..

the annual med vs dent rugby match, scheduled today, was cancelled due to waterlogged pitch.. i was hoping to play for the last time for the med team.. when i was in the third year, we were smacked by the dent.. masa tu, main scrumhalf (no.9).. and last year we won by the slightest margin.. n masa tu main winger-yang-tak-laju (no.14).. 1st and 2nd year = rehab period.. and i don't think there'll be one this year as next week is easter break and then exams coming up..

otherwise, it's gloomy most of the time today.. hopefully it won't have negative effects on our enthusiasm and hardwork.. selamat maju jaya rakan2..

thu apr9th2009 1850

Wednesday, April 8


cakap-cakap shahied

Alhamdulillah Final Year Projects are settled and out of the way.
It was a relief really just to get it done and over with.
My presentation itself went on pretty well although it could have been better. Just hope and pray that everything goes well. Overall i thought that all the Malaysian's did heck of a job on their respective presentations.
Anyways, spontaneously that petang we decided to have a barbeque for our batch as this could be the last time that we could all gather together before the finals and everyone flies off elsewhere. So we frantically go and bought some chicken (got 4 legs free from the generous Mr Bell) and some other stuffs. 
We were glad that all of the invitees came. Had a good meal and chat and laugh. Some unfortunate things happened but that aside it was splendid.
Thank you all for coming and all the best for the days to come leading to the finals.

Tomorrow the cycle starts again. Back to work. Starting tomorrow we will have intensive revision sessions with study groups so that we could maximize the benefit. Group work aside, studying alone and self hard work still needs to be done. 


Allahumma najjahna fil imtihan, fiddunya wal akhirah.
Allahumma iftah alaina, hikmataka wansyur alaina,
Min khazaini rahmati-ka ya arhamarrahimin..

Tuesday, April 7

saya perlukan perpecahan (i need a break)

cakap-cakap brainbarrier

wahhh sudah lama aku tak menulis...wahhhh
bnyk btol bende interesting berlaku in the past months
the resurgence of LFC
two back 2 back mancU defeats (sorry MU fans).. tp menggembirakan aku!wohoo!
najib as our P(C)rime minister lol
KJ as ketua pemuda umno malaysia...after against all odds
the 2 bukits victory for PR in by-elections.. but lost batang
(teka teki...sape dlm rumah 75 ade 2 bukit dan satu erm..^.lupakan2..)
finished my paeds rotation
abis fyp presentation
Obama visit to turkey!! (feeling good at the moment)
the rocket launch by north korea..
killing, stabbing, rape, homicide, suicide.

world is a very2 interesting place to live in. but it can be quite scary sometimes.
i hope for more interesting stuff to happen in d future! n to my frens..all the best for the finals.. and for to family i'll be joining u guys earlier than u might think


Monday, April 6

Monday's Vid.

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

Saturday, April 4

Song Cover

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

Hana, tq for cover!!! Really appreciate it. -izad-

Below is the text from her blog : http://medertainer.blogspot.com/
"Thinking of you - Katy Perry (cover by request)

Mr. Izad, this is for you.. Thanx for requesting.. I sing my heart out (or my throat out) for you even with the pain caused by my wisdom tooth.. heheheee.. Enjoy~!"

Friday, April 3

what next?

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

the teaching period is officially over today. the presentation is due next week and this is followed by the written exams within the next fortnight. initially, i plan to write something inspirational/motivational but then, i toss that one out. it's boring. and maybe too philosophical for ur liking. i try not be so transparent. it's no fun that way.

instead, i opt to talk about the future, the plan to be after med school. the things that awaits me and the enormous possibilities that i could jump on. a vision. a dream and an ambition. what to do next? what's the plan? stay here? go back? get hitched? anything is possible. i normally wouldn't rule anything out. like the words from the wise.."always keep your options open." haha... but come to think of it, as a simple man i am, i just want to start working, save a little bit, help my family, buy some properties and grow a family. yeah... that's the plan... but wait a minute, notice that i did not put up any time frame for any of these events to occur?

and as of other things, i really don't know what will happen. as Natasha cleverly puts it.. today is where my book begin, the rest is still unwritten...

Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

Thursday, April 2

tomorrow is friday..

cakap-cakap maestronine

seperti biasa, terasa malas untuk mengulangkaji.. dirasakan seperti sudah malam minggu.. huhu.. moreover tomorrow is our last day in limerick out of six weeks.. and hopefully our last rotation ever.. and presentation to come next week.. all the best ye rakan2.. sama2 berusaha menuju puncak..

going to miss you limerick..

thu apr2nd2009

Wednesday, April 1

Giler kentang!!!! (read: Crazy potatoes!!!)

cakap-cakap shahied

This is a backdated entry.

So i had my interviews yesterday(tuesday)
One of the interviewers asked something about the Hippocratic oath (wth..)
Apparently the so called, "first do no harm" that we all seem to associate with this oath was sooo not true. it's not even IN the oath. ah ha! so don't believe everything you hear.
I got asked something about management of thalassemia as well.
Not that i know much. But saying that i totally gave the wrong answer when i said ferritin is iron stores in the body?? eh hellooo!!

And 50% of the time, they were the ones that did the talking. And i diligently nodded, and nodded..
But in the end, they seemed impressed. Not that i care if they are impressed or not, but they are. So that says something. :)

kami yg smart2 belaka ;p

long overdue photoshoot pic