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Thursday, April 23

telling the truth..

cakap-cakap maestronine

we were watching this reality show - the moment of truth, while celebrating aiman's 25th.. the contestant can win up to 500 grand USD if they answer 21 personal Qs "correctly".. the answer is either yes or no.. there is no do-not-know option.. the answer is then analysed to determine if he/she gives an "honest" answer.. or trying to "lie".. they start off with "easy" Qs and gradually move into more intense relationship Qs.. or shall i say potential-relationship-destroyer Qs..

later we came up with a number of questions as well.. "would you cover up your friend, if he/she is accused of negligence??" "would you consider marrying an older woman for the sake of going up the ladder of success quicker?? " "would you prefer to 'naik' quicker but end up at a lower rank or 'naik' slower but end up at a higher rank??" and some others which i couldn't really remember..

ppl say honesty is the best policy.. but i say you might want to think of the repercussions, the good the bad and the ugly before doing things.. having said that, sometimes you need to act instantly and spontaneously on occasions, and think later..

apologies for this "crap" entry.. not so stable haha.. exams fever.. and i'm taking this opportunity on behalf of my other housemates, to wish mohd ilman aiman ismail, a happy 25th birthday.. the second in the house to reach this milestone.. a quarter of a century.. wow.. all the best!!

thu apr 23rd 2009 1955

p/s ilman where are the piccas??

7 kritikus:

Wahidah said...

the 2nd...oh yg len blum 25th lg yea...btw,

happy bufday aiman.......
dah suku abad dah..hehehe..
blk nanti kite celebrate bufday yea..:P

ameen said...

nak celebrate skali boleh tak??

hixoom said...

owhhh..ada orang sudah tua...
Happy birthday!!

maestronine said...

nk celeb skali jgk!!

izadiskandar said...

as the youngest, (and sumtime the most immature), id like to say "hahaha".

-u have your whole life to be old, y not be young now?-

Wahidah said...

ameen and maestronine : aippppp..:P

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