When I grow up.. I wannabe a Dr.

Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Sunday, November 30

the 75 residents, the guests & the uninvited

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

before u get all emotional & counter me with an immediate attack, hear me out first... some people are smarter than others. u know that. let say, if u have a hundred friends, a few of them are obviously a lot sharper than the rest of the bunch & a few are obviously not. it doesn't mean they aren't nice people, it doesn't mean u don't like them, it just means that they aren't quite as quick on the uptake as the rest. they are the group that needs a little help, they are the ones who sometimes or most of the times say some pretty dumb things, right? maybe a little embarrassing sometimes? yeah, u know what i mean.

so what happens when one of your posts catches fire and a bunch of people u've never seen before coming flying in to read it? well again, obviously some of those people are smarter than others. and some are not. the dumb ones leave dumb comments. wait... i know what ur gonna say... yes, it's true that the smart ones leave smart comments, so it sort of balances off, doesn't it? well.. not for me, no. u see, the crowd who visits and comments here regularly already is smart. their comments are sharp, enjoyable and sometimes pretty darn funny. i enjoy those people. but when a boatload of new folks stop in and a few of them drop off inane and truly dumb comments, it feels almost like uninvited guests at a party. who wants these jerks? i don't.

and i'm not talking about criticism. because, i know the difference between constructive criticism from.. let say, intentional, blatantly, impolite comments. when u go up to someone & throw on verbal insults, and then go hiding behind the bushes, what does that reflect upon u? yes u? a coward who leaves dumb comments & hides behind anonymity. yup, that' what u are. and as united as we are already, the only thing that u may have succeeded is making us realize that we're here to stay. we won't change our flavour & our personal contribution to the blog just for the sake of making u happy. and yeah... ur a hater. and people don't get haters unless their huge!! so, if ur a smart person, i think u won't have any difficulties working out the rest of the equation don't u? or should i make it more obvious.. dumb a@@

-ilman aiman-

Saturday, November 29

the initial impression

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

it takes just a quick glance.. maybe a couple of seconds or so for someone to evaluate u forming an initial judgment. largely based on how u represent urself, first impression is all about the right appearance, the body language or gestures that u make in between conversations, the demeanour, the mannerism & not to forget the attire that u put on ur back during the meeting. often enough, when someone has already formulate an opinion about u, then it can be very difficult to reverse or undo their judgment making those first encounters extremely important, for they set the tone for all the relationships that follows.

subjective as it is, but some people can effortlessly give a flawless first impression. they may not be the smartest bunch, they may not be the coolest crowd to hang out with, heck they may even wear a simple plain T pagoda, with a matching boxer shorts.. but what they have that we lack is the aura . so what is actually an "aura". we've heard it being mentioned numerous times before.. but what does it mean? how can i get an aura? does it matter that much? well, to kick of things, aura is the area around u, that u create by what u wear, how u act, how u look and all of them complement the atmosphere that u are, given the particular time & space. it all goes together to make one good impression. u could wear a very expensive suit, but if u stand slumped over with ur head down, u won't give a confident aura... as simple as that.

so, my advice is, no matter the circumstances, just try to be comfortable with ur own skin, try not to overdo it because everybody hates poser!! and lastly, u can't force everybody to like u, so don't go all ballistic if the feedback isn't favourable.

-ilman aiman-

p.s: yg kata my writing is nonsense & too philosophical tu.. ko baca jugak kan, u just keep coming back for more, can't keep ur ithcy hands off our blog is it? i bet u keep on refreshing the page. spot on babeh. heheh

talking about guilt

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

it is one those compelling feeling that arise following events of an undesirable outcome. it is a powerful emotion.. powerful enough to make us feel responsible...feeling condemned and that we deserve to be punished. human as we are, we make mistakes.... we are bound to slip every now and then, that we hurt others, even if it is subconsciously done. the reason varied from one person to another... some may have a very low threshold while others shows the opposite. trying to be optimistic about it, to a certain extent, guilt is good. it acts like a red light, warning & alerting us of the fact that we're straying from the right path & the need to correct our course. sure... we're not responsible for who we are, but instead, we shoulder full responsibility of what we could become. and on a personal note, there are a lot of things that i've done that i'm not proud of such as some recent events that have occured, that i still carry a slight of guilt for acting selfish, & letting others down. truth be told, such feeling doesn't really escape from ur thoughts, disappearing as what u initially hoped for even after seeking apology for the trouble that u've caused. it stays for a while, giving u the jitters & causing butterflies to run freely in ur tummy..

however, there is only so much that one can do. life is a matter of setting priorities. it is important to note that as much as we want to, it is almost impossible to cater to the needs of everybody. different peoples reacts differently, that is just how things are. and we 're bound to make mistakes along the way. but of course, try to avoid committing the same mistake repeatedly. make the right choices & learn to appreciate the people as well as the circumstances that have brought u to where u are right now & have somehow shaped u to who u are today. so, let us all release the past, scrape off the rust & let our natural goodness shines through!!!

-ilman aiman-

Friday, November 28

aces vs 82 off-suit : part 2 (whatever that means)

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

normally, i would've given a good lengthy explanation of the first bit but i'm having a bit of a difficulty to expand on the technicality of the issue that he proposed earlier on. clearly i don't speak same the language here as my card playing skill is very limited or maybe non existence if u want to look it from a professional point of view. truth be told, i just couldn't figure out the anology that he was trying to come up with... i just couldn't. and now, i feel like there's a bit of an itch on my forehead with a big capital L popping out, visible for everybody to see. owhh f*** it.. ade aku kesah!!! picking up where he left off, as my colleague cleverly put it together that life is about probability. u win some & u lose some but u can't have it all. and to those who wins, the successful bunch that is, we may be tempted to envy them, making believe that despite having the same amount of hard work laboured in, they may have just been lucky. and of course deep down we know that their success is well deserved & perhaps has nothing to do with luck to begin with. it can be a hard thing to swallow, especially if ur one of the sour grapes type of people who swears on everybody elses successs except for ur own...

but the point that i'm trying to high light here is that fortune sides with those who dares. and if u put in a different way, it literally means that good fortune doesn't come to us, we go to it by breaking free & taking risks. because, in this life as i see it, it is all about taking chances. what seperates the acheivers than the ordinary folks is their willingness to take optional as well as necessary risks. just an example, in a nutshell, lets assume that i have an ok job. a job that is decent enough to support my expanses, my family and still have a little bit of that extra ringgit to cash in to the saving accounts. i'm may not be rich, but i'm comfortable enough. and one fine day, i received a new job offer from a new company that i'm not fairly accustomed to. the job comes with more responsibilities & a significant increase salary wise. and of course, in circumstances like this, u can't help but to wonder the endless possibilties that could've happen if u decide to accept the offer. and somewhere along the line such thoughts races thru ur mind. what shall i do? if i join the new company, will i get along with my superior and my coworkers? what if the working atmosphere is not to my liking? what if it they think that i don't meassured up? will i get fired?

often enough, when we're comfortable with a particular environment, we tend to be reluctant to break free from it. we want to feel secured. but bear in mind that those who refuse to take risks to protect their security are prisoners of their own mind, caged by their fears & trapped by their reluctance. turtle can't advanced without sticking their neck out.. neither could we. we hate changes, we dislike breaking our routine. we detest tring something new because anything that we're not used to doing is uncomfortable. but if we're always doing the same thing that how can we grow? the person who grows are the one who take risks while those who risk nothing is the one who does nothing, has nothing and is nothing....

p.s: sorry for the lengthy entry but i'm just in the mood to write. so i write & write...

-ilman aiman-

Thursday, November 27

aces vs. 82 off-suit..

cakap-cakap maestronine

what does it mean?? if you do play texas hold-em, you are for sure dying to have the pocket rockets for your starting hand.. it is the best hand pre-flop you can get.. and the probability of getting that monster hand is 1 in 221 - if i'm not mistaken.. and of course 82 off-suit is the worst starting hand.. BUT at the end of the day, AA doesn't always win the pot.. and once in a blue moon 82 off-suit does..

life is about probability.. sometimes you win.. sometimes you lose.. the odds are pretty much the same.. the different is how wise you capitalise and tackle the opportunities in front of you.. you are the manager of your own life.. you dictate your own game.. it doesn't really matter where you begin.. create your own objectives.. plan ahead your strategies.. don't get over excited or take things for granted.. analyse and evaluate the situation before making the moves.. if you play them intelligently and sensibly, you'll almost always scoop the profit.. "maximise your gain and minimise your loss.."

thu nov 27th 2008 2230

Paediatrics: part 2

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

unlike most of my colleagues who are fascinated by the joy & wonders of treating children, i have a different perspective. and i have my reasons. paediatrics could be fun, when ur dealing with a well behaved child, but the difficult ones can be a pain when they choose not to oblige. and i don't mean that in a bad way. i'm just stating a reality check here. doing it as part of a 6 week rotation... i don't mind. but in the long run, as a lifetime career, pediatrics is just not my cup of tea. and often enough, we hear the phrase of children are not merely small adults, they are more than that. and that is true... and when ur treating the children, ur dealing with the family as a whole. i don't mind the anxious parents. they are the least of my concern but it is the children themselves that drives me up the wall !!

and i'm very vocal about this. the other day while we're discussing about a similar topic, i bluntly uttered it out to my partner that i don't think i want to be a peadiatrician. and the look on her face says it all... and i may be outnumbered here. as far as i know, i'm the only one who doesn't love paeds while doing it. and it's kind of baffling as well since i have the best setting. the paediatric wards here are spectacular. the physicians are great, while the staff & nurses are decent too. but, despite all of these, my heart is just not in it. and for that matter, i honestly think that it all boils down to ur own preference, a choice that is yet to be decided. paeds is a colourful field no doubt about that. it can be fun, amusing and entertaining if u want to see it that way but unfortunately i don't share the same view.

but having said that, i must say that sometimes it can be heartbreaking to see some these children who have to endure an ongoing chronic illness that is life altering. they are the ones that break me, making me feel embarass of the fact that i whine so much when there are a lot of things to be thankful for. they humbled me. sigh...

-ilman aiman-
@ limerick

Wednesday, November 26


cakap-cakap shahied

I LOVE Paediatrics!!

i'm definitely enjoying my rotation here in limerick.
i think i'm almost certain that i want to be a paediatrician.
i know that most of us would say that to be a paediatrician must be hard because you have to deal with these children and it can be hard and overwhelming sometimes. it can be heartbreaking at most having to deal with sometimes very sick childeren or babies. "Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body." i find this true if u want to do paediatrics but to a lesser extent of being a parent. but alas, you would someday will be a parent to a children eventually right? for me, theres no bigger reward than seeing a happy and cheerful child after recovering from their illness. i must say i never had this satisfactory feeling doing all the adult medicine/surgery rotations.adults don't move me as much as these cute little things. and for me, to be dealing with them for the rest of my medical career would be splendid. i'd rather deal with difficult or sick child rolling and struggling to examine them eventhough it seems much easier to be dealing and examining a coorperative adult. As Franklin Jones said, "You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance." 
oohh, how i would love to do paediatrics in the future.
                boring la bebbb...

Tuesday, November 25

musik part 2..

cakap-cakap brainbarrier

the dark side of music?
do i really have to tell u guys?
(xde mood)

talking about competition
frankly, im not a competitive person
but u need competition or some kind of it to learn about/improve yourself
i love seeing people compete with each other
and i would say " hell no..i dont want to get involved"
be it academically or any other areas
but i'll make sure at the end of the day, i get what i really want
so to my competitors out there...
thank you

p/s: so sape 'out there' yang rasa diri dia kompetitif, teruskan usaha anda.


Monday, November 24

2 entries in a day??! (*edited) Tolol

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

  • Kasihan dunia.
  • Semakin ramai manusia yang berlagak rasul. Menghakimi orang dari luaran, dari tulisan, dari sekelumit kecil yang mereka tahu.
  • Rasul pun tidak begitu.
  • Ramai juga yang berlagak Tuhan. Menjatuh hukum dan yakin betul. Perempuan itu tidak bertudung, dia pasti gatal. Lelaki itu solatnya tidak nampak, dia pasti ke neraka. Budak itu merokok, dia pasti jahat.
  • Besarnya kuasa kita ya. Agaknya kalau semudah inilah merumus manusia, apa perlunya Tuhan? Kau pun boleh buat kan?
  • Perempuan juga semakin murah. Yang cantik (semata-mata) mendapat lesen untuk berbuat apa saja dan berkata apa saja. Bodoh-bodoh begitu kerana mereka cantik. Pandangan stereotaip telah memberi lesen besar pada golongan ini. Ramai yang berebut mahu jadi cantik, tidak ramai pula yang berebut mahu jadi cerdik. Hasilnya? Terwujudlah selambak si-comel-jelita-otak-sifar, bersepah-sepah seperti botol kosong di pasar. Tak ada apa yang nak dijakunkan.
  • Melainkan kau duduk bawah tempurung.
  • Perempuan yang punya akal dan hati boleh dikira dengan jari. Dan bila mereka ini kurang cantik pada pandangan stereotaip tadi, mereka terus jadi... ghaib.Kecantikan dalaman cuma terlihat oleh mata hati. Kecantikan luaran terlihat oleh mata kepala dan mata celah kangkang. Itu majoriti.
  • Kasihan manusia. Pandai bikin sejuta jenis berlian, tapi belum mampu membeza kaca dengan intan. Teknologi bukan main tinggi, tapi fikiran paras buku lali.
  • Kau memang malas baca buku kan?
  • Kau lihat muka depannya saja.
  • Kau ingat kalau aku ceraikan isi buku dengan kulit luarnya, dan aku jual, mana yang lebih mahal?
  • Kau nak beli kulit?
  • Tolol.

Growing up with 2 older sisters, one couldnt grow up without being influenced by their taste in music. Teenage girls and their music are like peanut butter and jelly.
4U2C, KRU, Boyzone, Take That.
So yes, I listen to them. Even Spice Girls. Memang x macho, but hey, music is music.

Just recently I received a link to a new music video by the newly revived Boyzone, and all the memories with my sisters came back. made me smile. Rindu juga pada diorang.

And this might (will) get controversial for some of you. So be warned.

Nice comeback song. sincere. honest.
i like it.

P/s: and numbers doesnt matter.

Sunday, November 23

dear bloggy: part 1

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

today i had this thought. and such thought was implanted following a series of dissatisfaction that i'm too embarrass to say it out loud for the public to know. i began to reflect on the good old days where writing is one of the ways that i use to channel my thoughts. an expression.... words that i'm too afraid to vocal... to be audienced by people i never met. sharing experiences... things that i'm passionate about, things that i thought were interesting and will be of benefit if it can be documented for others to read. that was the initial intention. a true feeling of wanting to convey messages in the form of a black ink that can be generously passed to others.... for people who matters, for those who care enough to allocate a fragment of their precious time to read. and for those who don't care, those who act as if they have no interest & not to forget the silent readers. that was then...

then something happened.

the readership began to increased and before i knew it, i began to get conscious about who was reading me & what they thought. statistics only aroused the curiosity further. it threw up all kind of data citing from my social circle to a complete stranger. a friend of a friend maybe.. i don't know. and starting from there, it feels a little awkward posting about my life, the things that i do, the things that i am fond of and all of these are readily available for the public to view. i felt like an open book... so transparent for other people to read. and the thing about blog is that all of those who read u, decide that they know u just on the basis of a few random thoughts that u've posted when u have nothing better to do. when strangers do that, it can get quite annoying. they are making judgments. and often enough, the conclusion is derived from something so superficial, observation that remains on the surface. they don't dig deep. they never do...


-ilman aiman-

Thursday, November 20

pain heals.. chicks dig scars.. glory lasts forever!!

cakap-cakap maestronine

it is nice to be appreciated.. it is great that your achievement does not go unnoticed.. sweet..

as much as you would like others to lift you up, do the same.. congratulate your friends for their accomplishment.. praise them for their success.. honor their noble act..

nothing wrong to enjoy being in the limelight.. treasure your own moment after all the sweats and hardwork.. the least you can do is to put a lengthy smile on your face.. and not to forget the Almighty..

and just to share one of my favourite quotes.. a tagline taken from "the replacements" - "pain heals.. chicks dig scars.. glory last forever!!".. it really feels good.. i'm loving it..

thu nov 20th 2008 2350

p/s thanks a million ppmc for the award =D *wink*

Wednesday, November 19

Understanding the Opposite side. or stick to your own side?

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

Ouch. Pedih.

Mars VS Venus? Ke Mars AND Venus?

P/s: Shahied is in Limerick.

Tuesday, November 18

ameen and music part1

cakap-cakap brainbarrier

Aku suka musik.. aku tau ramai orang suka musik
Musik ialah seni. Irama yg cun memang menenangkan.
Alunan musik indah mmg mengasyikkan..masyuk..
Bagi aku la, bunyi ombak kt persisiran pantai ialah lagu yg aku paling suka
Aku bole lepak 2 jam tepi pantai tanpa buat apa2… rilek mendengar alunan asli ciptaan Tuhan yang Maha Agung..takde tandingan. Kalah siti nurhaliza.
Aku bole lepak 15 minit usya River Lee kat town (masa air cetek/cuaca indah la) sambil dengar deruman deras airnya yg agak jernih sambil tunggu bas no 10 lepas rotation kat SI.. memang hilang tensen utk haritu.

Aku suka dengan bunyi.. aku boleh appreciate bunyi yang berkualiti. I get this from my father. Ayah aku suka dengan bunyi. Everywhere in the house...setiap bilik, in each of the car…akan ada amplifier bersama subwoofer and great quality speakers… if combined with great instrumental musik.. pergh. Kat bilik aku sekarang ade 2 big speakers with an amp. Aku tau takda keperluan pun beli tapi apsal aku beli aku pon taktau! Mungkin the urge untuk dengar quality sounds agak kuat. Mase bapak aku muda2 dulu, atuk aku ada piring hitam.. mereka berdua mmg suka dgr piring hitam. Well mase aku form 2 camtu, bapak aku ade beli pemain piring hitam.. pergh..bunyi mmg mantap. Tak main la hi-fi.

Itulah aku dan musik. Aku dan bunyi-bunyian. Kalau aku dengar apa2 musik, aku tak dapat appreciate lirik musik.. tapi if lirik sesampah manapun tapi alunan musiknya mengasikkan, aku akan tangkap leleh tak pasal2.

Theres also the dark side of music, we all know that. But do we?


Monday, November 17

Sometimes I couldnt care less of what you think.

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

Erm, excuse me, Who made you KING? and since when do u OWN me?

I know exactly what Im doing. I am aware of all the repercussions. So shut it.

I am a full grown man. I accept full responsibility of my actions. MY actions.

I chose the life Im living. not you, or anyone.

And you know what? Im glad I stood by my stand. If I didnt fight for myself, who will?

You are nothing but a sad pathetic loser who puts down others to make yourself feel better.

I feel sorry for you.

So go ahead, run to your little corner and cry like the insecure coward you are.

Sometimes I couldnt care less of what you think. Oh wait, DO I look like I care?

Go away. I dont have time for you in my life.

Sunday, November 16

i feel small

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

it can be frustrating and emasculating.... depressing and tiring as well. but more importantly, it can be baffling. u know who u are and what ur capable of. u know ur normal, and have as much to offer the world as the next person standing next to u. but sometimes others don't see it that way. and standing at 5'7 will not do much if u live in this part of the world. and of course back home, u blend well with the people and most of them will average about ur height. but when u walk into a room full of people and rubbing shoulders with people who are blessed with good height, then that feeling is completely gone. u feel tiny... that sometimes u have to chin up & stand on ur toes just to get a decent picture with them. and still they tower u that much!! i must admit, in times like this, how i wish that i could cut a few inches from their lenghty legs and add them to mine!!!

but surely, when i come to my senses, i won't say this is unfair because variation happens, and such thing is that either ur born with it, or u don't have it at all. tough luck isn't it not? and don't get me wrong. i don't hate tall people. i just envy them. because in this life, as far as i see it, having those extra inches matters a lot. and some may be blindly unaware of this fact but in certain areas, being tall is an advantage. an having said that, as much as i wish i could be taller, i know at this stage, nothing much could be done. so, i have to work with what i've got. and in all honesty, i like tall people. i fancy tall women. but ...i still despise being photographed with one, because despite being genetically tall, they have the ultimate accesories that could flaunt up their lenghty legs by dorning it up with some manolos or a choo (if they can afford it that is =D).

p.s: apologies for the late entry.

-ilman aiman-

Thursday, November 13

better and better..

cakap-cakap maestronine

have you ever encounter a moment in life where you're having doubts?? have you ever ask yourself, can i do better?? can i be a better human being?? i bet everyone does.. at least once at any stage of our life.. and in denial as some of us may appear, but inevitably the answer is a straightforward yes..

unquestionably, we are the best creatures on earth.. we have been furnished with a brain to think, to decide what is good and what is not good.. so we should utilise this precious gift and work to our best ability and maximum potential.. we should be aiming to be a better man day by day.. "jadikanlah hari ini lebih baik dari yang sebelumnya.."

as the adage "life is a journey, not a destination", we won't really reach the peak.. don't fall into the trap of one-time success or achievement.. never ever have the feelings of complacency.. we should be seeking to achieve more and more glory..

the challenge is you won't really know what is your maximum potential.. and the trick is to keep going..

thu nov 13th2008 1915

1. all the best everyone!! we are nearly there..
2. see you soon!!

Wednesday, November 12

Every day is mother's day

cakap-cakap shahied

This week is my last week doing Obstetrics and Gynaegology rotation.

It has been 6 weeks of me seeing pregnant people and listening to women talking about their medical and not so medical problems.
These few weeks also opened my eyes to how far people are willing to suffer in order to reproduce and have their own flesh and blood child.
Seeing live births were not pleasant but it taught me the value of how much trouble your mother has gone through for you.
Not only they have to suffer carrying you for 9 months, but then have to nurture and look after you until you move out of their houses. 
Our mothers went through a lot from when we were just small fetuses until we are grown men and women(and they still wouldn't stop worrying bout you). 

Dr. C once said to us, "being pregnant/having birth is a dangerous thing to do." Come to think of it, it is kind of true.. u can have serious problems being pregnant such as pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, post-partum haemorrhage, gestational diabetes, amniotic fluid embolism, and many others that can threaten your life. not to mention many other emotional turmoils u may have if there's any problem with your baby.. 9 months is a long long time for your mother to be worried about you. Then there's the problems you may face when giving birth, all that pain and suffering during childbirth.. its considered one of the most painful thing you can encounter in your lifetime. No wonder Allah promised Heaven for mothers that dies during childbirth and considered syahid.

Being in the labour rooms i saw mothers who didn't take any epidurals for their birth, how they were in so much pain that they screamed for the midwives to just "pull the baby out of there" and some were in so much pain,sorry to say, even to the extend of defecation.. but once the baby comes out, its the most magical thing you can observe. 

So, whats my point here rambling on and on about this? well, we all know how much our mother's have sacrificed for us rite? i'm sure most of us are well aware of this. 
The point is:
- how often have we thanked our mothers for all that they have done?
- how often do we call or text our mothers just to ask how they are or are they in good health?
- how often do we pray for our mothers(and fathers) wellbeing after our Solah?
- how often we apologise to our mothers for our wrongdoings, raising our voices to them or going against their   wishes?

We are far far away from our families, and how often do we think and worry about our mothers? I can bet, our mothers are worried about us all the time(mostly)
So anyone reading this, go ahead. Call your mothers, or text them asking how are they doing, saying that you love them, and pray for them in your daily prayers.

the last text i got from my mom today: OK selamat belajar...jgn abaikan sembahyang tu.
Alhamdulillah..i have a great MOM. her name is Eshah Bt Ahmad

Ibu mithali ibu yang sejati
Kasih sayangmu kasih yang suci
Pengorbananmu disanjung tinggi
Jasamu tetap di sanubari

Ibu oh ibu fitrah ku murni
Kelembutanmu menyentuh hati
Semai kasihmu dalam jiwaku
Kau disayangi kerana menyayangi

Ibu oh ibu hatimu suci
Tulus ikhlasmu mendidik daku
Sanggup bersusah dan menderita
Demi kebahagiaan sekeluarga

Ibu oh ibu kau serikandi
Bakti amalmu tidak terperi
Beramal soleh berperibadi
Mentaati Allah juga suami

yours truly

Tuesday, November 11

Selasa malam with u know who..

cakap-cakap brainbarrier


Jom sembang psl ‘hubungan 2 hala’

Ok..katakan.. aku ni supporter PAS..katakan lah..
And if PAS pegang federal.. pastu buat polisi yang menguntungkan org islam (muslim secara general ) dunia&akhirat.. aku sure happy punye.. ye tak? Sure aku akan gain something tak kisah la physical/emotional.

Katakan kalau salah sorang ahli keluarga kita meninggal dunia..sure sedih..(logic la kan).


Kalau man utd kalah (baru2 ni kalah 2-1), man utd die-hard fans sure tensen tak senang duduk..ok tukar team pulak..chelsea kalah European cup final last year sure die hard fans Chelsea meraung2 kesedihan lepas tu.

Or.. contoh lain...penyanyi dlm 'x factor' terkeluar..or salah sorang peserta survivor tersingkir akibat tak pandai buat pencaturan yg mantap untuk survive… sure die hard fans derang tensen giler babs, kecewa, sedih..

Sume ni contoh je..entah betul entah tidak.

The point here is manusia mmg pelik. Aku penyokong Liverpool FC. Kalau Liverpool kalah aku akan rasa kecewa dan tensen.. apa hal ni? What the tuuuut!?? Biar ar kalah bukan kacau hidup aku pun apa pasal aku nk kecewa..tak gitu? Liverpool tak kisah pon kalau aku fail medicine!

Kalau penyanyi favorite dalam x factor keluar..apsal nk tensen2 sampai hilang mood nk studi? Penyanyi tu tak kenal pon korang! Pi mamp** la sama depa…tak gitu? Ke tak kisah? Penyanyi tu bukan akan dtg bilik korang sambil cakap ‘lepak ar beb.. jgn sedih..nanti aku blanja cendol’.

contoh kt atas skali tu mmg berbeza.. contoh..katakanlah.. kalau PAS tak pgg federal.. sure ade la bbrapa Islamic law yg x dpt dilaksanakan.. and aku patut rasa kecewa kt situ. Kan? Yup ini melibatkan hidup…dan mati..

I can’t help me self. Can u?

Aku rasa ni tektik2 org yg nk kita berpaling tadah dari buat something yg betul2 useful&meaningful to our lives. And they do succeed to a certain degree.

-idea cetusan mael tahun lepas. Kudos to him-

Monday, November 10

Izad's here to chase your Monday blues away! Aumm!

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

We've all been in the bus (especially number 10 and 8 Bus!). And at times, we notice the advertisements in, on or outside the bus.
Selagi ada ruang kosong, selagi tu lah mereka nak iklan product mereka habis habisan. Lumrah alam "marketing" yang "fierce".
Every time I saw a brilliant advertisement campaign, I cant help but admire the efforts the people behind it, the advertisement company, the designing team and individual ideas that was put on the table for discussion before the client decided to go with what you see on the bus right now.
One can only wonder how many days, hours and minutes (and EUROS) they spent on this just to grab a few seconds of your attention. So you see, You are important to them! Doesn't that make u feel all warm inside.. kan?
You have the power.. the purchasing power! (ok, cue the evil laugh now - muahaha)

Here are some on my favourite ones. Which one is your fav?

"Atravesse na faixa" means "Go across the track" and reminds people not to cross the street whenever they feel like, or else... or else they might end up as this illusion.

Eee, jangan nakal nakal!

Ehem ehem.. iklan diatas ditujukan khas buat "chimney" 75 tercinta... ehem.
This advertisement for an insurance company was put on the back of buses in Amsterdam.

Aww... so schweeeeet....

Saturday, November 8

GQ celebrates with Beckham.

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

GQ magazine UK. "Gentlemen's Quarterly", one of the highly upscale magazine for high society sophisticated men is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a super thick edition, and who else, David Beckham. When you made it to the cover of this mag, you made it.

Tapi Ameen?

Friday, November 7

megasale: part 2

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

the world has been feeling the affect of a weak economy. our money is not as strong as it use to be, and the rising oil prices is burning away our disposable cash. now the majority of people are forced to making budget cuts. we can no longer go out and dine as much or splurge on expensive merchandises like we used to. now.... we have to shop smart. in a way... this has both a good and bad effect for us. the weakening economy is handicapping our spending, but it is also teaching us new ways to spend our money cost effectively.

so...who has money to spare on beautiful fashion??

well, for a start.. i do, u see..clothes are one of those necessities in life that tell people who u are before u even have a conversation. it is unfortunate that we can be cruel sometimes. we judged. and often enough, unintentionally, we based our judgments on what people put on their back. when u wear an outfit, u want it to say a positive message about urself. period.

some people think to purchase quality clothes means u have to spend a lot of money on designer clothes. this statement is incorrect. and i repeat that again... it is a far stretch for the real truth. as a matter of fact, if u purchase a garment because it is cheap then u wasted ur money. it is better to have a good, quality piece of clothing that fits u well and complements ur figure than to have “junk” clothes all stacked up in ur drawers.

the trick is when shopping for good quality pieces, u can still get great deals on the clearance rack or in bargain bins. however, make sure the garments have quality stitching and fabric, and it fits well before u add it to ur wardrobe. i do this all the time. upon entering a store, my eyes will wildly wander around, looking for any clearance or rack sale stuff that offer good quality items with an affordable price tag. and i'm not ashamed to admit this.... and also, the best time to shop is to purchase at the end of season. discounted items are everywhere by then. sometimes up to 70%. so, if time is not a factor, then why not wait a little while before go splurging.

but the dilemma for me now, is that.. i have a ball to attend to next week, and i have no proper attire to complement the event. is it better for me to purchase a one piece that will last long enough to witness any other upcoming important events or should i dig in into the cheap bargain stores trying on stuff that maybe i'll be wearing only for this ball? i'm a bit indecisive on this. we'll see...
but rest assured... i don't dress to impress. maybe.. just maybe, who knows, my self esteem or should i say my confidence level would peak if i put on a nice tux & walk the walk, feeling like the man of the hour...... *wink*

p.s: sorry nik, i borrow ur idea but i expand it a little further. this is what i mean. n yeah, about my earlier post, i deleted it already because nobody seems to get the underlying message that im trying to point out there. huh...

-ilman aiman-

Thursday, November 6


cakap-cakap maestronine

just want to share something with my housemates and other readers.. this saying is actually taken from a must-read and highly recommended motivational book - the magic of thinking big by david schwartz.. during my interviews in younger days, i was so obsessed with this maxim (+ a few more).. i would try very hard to utter the phrase.. i would find ways to eventually bring up a topic related to it..

"pay twice as much and buy half as many"

in my opinion, this saying put an emphasis on quality rather than quantity.. and with regard to the quality, i always ask myself, what is my productivity rate for today etc2.. what i mean by productivity rate is, is my action worth the time and money spent.. banyak lagi boleh elaborate ni.. takut panjang sangat, bosan.. + malas nak mengerah keringat minda..

and if to take the phrase literally, i think it can be applied in our shopping activities.. dari beli benda banyak2, baik spend beli benda yang mahal sikit yang pakai pun sedap.. puas pun puas.. and selalunya barang mahal ni tahan lebih lama.. jgn sebab murah, kita sapu semua.. but then, bear in mind, stuffs that are expensive does not necessary mean high in quality.. although it almost always does.. so fikir2 kan lah.. especially bila musim membeli belah menyerang dengan hebatnya..

thu nov6th2008 2110

Wednesday, November 5

Hidup Jangan Jadi Mangsa

cakap-cakap shahied


Have you guys ever seen the movie BULI by afdlin shauki? It tells a story about a man who is very low on confidence and therefore always being bullied by this other guy.

Now, almost all of us would have heard of friends being bullied in school, or been bullied themselves and who knows, have bullied others as well. 
To me, bullying exist in almost every level of society.. be it from bdk2 tadika(yes children can be cruel towards each other), school, at work etc.
At school we have a bunch of no-good naughty boys(or girls) who exerts physical or mental bullying upon the group that is seen weak.
At work we have a boss or a supervisor who likes to show his authority by bullying his workers or co-workers in doing chores or tedious jobs for them.

I was in a boarding school so bulllying was so rampant in those days.. sometimes you dread walking in front of their blocks just because u are afraid of being called up to wash somebody's clothes, fetch something from dewan makan, or even giving the a back massage. and if you fight back, you know whats coming to you..
I personally haven't really had the pleasure of being bullied.not really. when i entered boarding school, i was a 2nd intake and missed the BIG minggu orientasi. so no need to go around asking seniors for signs, no need to spin doing a helicopter or tiup mentol sampai padam to get their stupid signatures.
I also had the luck of having a good looking sister in form 3, so i was well looked after.heheh.

The closest i came in contact with bullying was when one night when we were walking back to dewan makan from prep malam and i was walking while kicking some stones that were on the jalan tar. Tup tup, when i arrived at my dorm room after changing and all that i was told that a senior wants to see me in his room. My heart started pounding.what did i do? so i went to his room and it was all dark and he was waiting for me. me stood me in the middle of the dorm and started to ask me in his stupid girly whiny voice  if i knew what have i done. i said i didn't know. he started to kick me in the calf(mind you he was almost smaller than me so i didn't feel a thing) he asked again and i said i didnt know. so he told me that earlier when i was kicking the stones one of them hit him in the leg. so i said, "teruk ke bang kene?" he didnt answer and the punched my stomach. at that time i was so pissed and felt like wanting to smack his face right there and then coz i know i can. but, it was in his 'territory' so i just had to bear. luckily, a warden was doing his night rounds that night and some of his friends came to warn him so that was my lucky escape. so end of story

Whats interesting to know is:
- what makes these bullies tick? is it the satisfaction of seeing other people bow to their audacious attempts to look powerful, or is it to enhance their own self esteem by picking on the weak.
- are WOMAN or GIRLS as a powerfull bully as a MAN? we always hear about guys bullying guys or girls at school or at work. but can a woman bully as good as a man or better can a woman bully a man?
- have anyone of you guys been bullied? OR bullied someone?(ni sure takde nk ngaku)
-and if you have been bullied, what makes u succumb to the pressure of being bulliied into?
- how many of you have the balls to stand up to your bullies? (yes ameen, girls pun ade balls jugak in the form of their ovaries-same embryological origin.hehe)

Hands up any of you who have been bullied? physically? mentally? Yang tukang buli tu sure2 la tade nk angkat tangan ye tak?

Peace out

Tuesday, November 4

huargh! selasa with ameen.again.

cakap-cakap brainbarrier


hari ni aku nk borak psl gejala2 kt mesia ngan korang
secara spesifiknye pasal gejala sosial
bukan apa..td borak2 dgn amy (pronounced ‘aimi’) kt spital psl isu nih
lain org, lain pandangan so ni pandangan cetek aku..

korang rasa msia ni gejala sosial die semakin baik ke buruk?
Well aku personally rasa semakin buruk!
Dari pengalaman aku, sesetengah org mmg perangai cam sampah

Cth 1
mcm kt umah aku kt taman tun, tempat punye la hangar bingar (umah depn lebuhraya ldp), tapi jiran aku siap bley kene rompak mase tengahari beb!
Cth 2
Orang melayu (hmm muslim) minum arak dgn slumbernye… apatah lagi kalau kawan sendri minum dpn2.
Cth 3
Mak aku penah hampir kene ragut handbag dpn umah. Cilakak tol la mamat naik motosikal tu.
Cth 4
Dr Faisal’s (abe) punye sedare kene rompak lepas kuar dari keter dpn umah die.siot je..

Blom lagi dgr kisah aimi (pronounced ‘amy’) kt kemaman.. perangai orang kampungnya
Inipun aku tak ckp pasal berita2 dlm suratkhabar yg menyayat hati.sob3

Mungkin dari segi kesedaran politik ada sedikit perubahan positif..sedikit je..

Apa nk jadi? Tekanan hidup/ekonomi? Sistem pendidikan yg sampah? Pemimpin korup? Polis tidur?

Yg penting…salah siapa? Ke bende ni korang nampak ‘biase’ je?

Serius aku risau

Monday, November 3

Monday's Updated: The Lesser of two Evils.

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

I for one believe that America is a very influential country that than shape the future of the world. It can either choose to go with the rest of the entire world or against it.

For example, America is the only country able to invade another country willfully, with known intentions, and unlawfully doing so infront of the United Nations eyes, with UN having absolutely no power to stop it. That is how strong America is. Veto.

In comparison to our motherland- Malaysia, we are not influential and strong enough to have a say in the direction of the world's future policy. At the moment, we can only afford to agree or disagree, not go against it.
We can scream and shout, like Dr M did a couple of years back, voicing our concern, on important issues like palestine, one-sided foreign policies, and oppression of third world countries, making our stance be known, but still we are a regarded like small puppy, bark worst than its bite. Only to be ignored.

One way we can improve this is by making sure our country is growing on commendable rate such that our infrastructure, education system and economy are at par with developed nation. This will take time. And with patience, we will get there. And then we will provide balance to this unbalanced free world we live in.

Obama and Mccain. Obama's win is vital in ensuring a better international political scene. Mccain's win will further ascerlate the tensions the world's nation already in now. Obama is not perfect.Thelesser of two evils.

maaf jika ada sesiapa yang terasa.

Saya terfikir sejenak ketika membaca "entry" Ameen yang sungguh kasual dan penuh dengan perkataan-perkataan baru seperti "beb", "huargh", "bley", "slumber", "cilakak", "siot" dan lain lain.

Kemanakah halatuju bahasa malaysia di masa hadapan?

Ada pendapat yang mengatakan bahasa ini ibarat cermin masyarakat...
kesat bahasa kesatlah jiwa.

Something I would like to share with Shahid n Aiman. sorry abit shaky, susah nak record. tq guys.

the hamiltons

cakap-cakap brainbarrier

"When we started out we had no money, we were nowhere, we were nothing.

"We never dreamt of getting to Formula One but we are now here, top of the world.

"The reality is it can be done. Hard work, dedication, respect to family, respect to all people. Fantastic."

Anthony Hamilton, Lewis's father -bbc sport-

p/s: sory izad aku nyebok slot isnin ko tapi aku terinspire skjap

Sunday, November 2


cakap-cakap shahied

I love to cook (eventho not an expert)

I never cooked before i came here

I rarely cook when i'm in Malaysia for the holidays

So i felt like cooking for dinner today and so this is what i cooked

(saying cook so many times feels weird)

Tomyam ayam+broccoli+cendawan msia mari+cili roket

enak dimakan bersama nasik

ayam bakar

tukang2 makan+ameen kt blakang aiman

study group

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

are you up for it or are u against it? the pros & cons. do u prefer to study alone at ur own pace or actively particpate in a group discussion that can bring benefit to all of the members. during our days in banting, we were put in a small group of 4 or 5. it was me, fatim, rozie & chi peng. it was a success. the end result was satisfying.

now, being in the final med, suddenly the urge to get a study group is becoming more important than ever. so aper pendapat rakan2 sekalian? study beramai ker study sorang?

-ilman aiman-

007- Quantum of Solace

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

revenge is a dish best served cold. picking up mere minutes after Casino Royale climax the film hits the ground running and delivers action sequence after action sequence. don’t worry though, unlike many action movies today this doesn’t feel like sensory overload, just damn good entertainment.

the plot is simple, Bond wants to discover more about the mysterious quantum organization following his capture of mr white. he also wants to get revenge for the death of his one true love vesper from the previous film. jet-setting across the atlantic he finds that rogue environmentalist mr greene has an affiliation with the evil group and while tailing greene he meets camille (the new Bond chick)

daniel craig continues to be an actor of depth and range in a part that has never demanded that much versatility, while acting powerhouse judi dench blows everyone else except craig. surprisingly even the infamous Bond babes seem to be getting tougher. olga kurylenko’s stunning, hard as nails beauty, camille, has her own private vendetta that she wants to bring to a bloody conclusion, with or without Bond’s help. and the red haired, gemma arterton’s brights up her the screen with her effortlessly foxy performance as agent field.

and i have to say, Arterton's scene where she uttered " do u know how angry i am at myself..." is probably the highlight of the movie. and she said that while Bond works his way up her spine. demmmm..... just wish that they didn't cut short that part!!!

but, as a whole, Quantum of Solace isn't as good as it's predesessor, Casino Royale. the smart elegance of craig's Bond debut has been toned down in favour of conventional action. but craig himself powers up this movie... he carries the film. he measured up!

bottom line, this one is a 7.5/10. recommended still for those who adores Bond series and the action movie mongers. but don't put ur expectations sky high or u'll be disappointed...

p.s: on our night out, surprisingly many final meds were in the same theater watching the new Bond film. the three of us (me, shahied, izad), met up with haizum, izyan & her sister. then bumped into many familiar faces of our classmates !!!

-ilman aiman-

Saturday, November 1

Thought of the day

cakap-cakap shahied

In the end, its all up to YOU if  you want to be successful.

Its up to YOU to make all the efforts.
Its no use waiting for people to drag you along.
If you want to change to be a better person, then by all means go for it with all your heart.
It all depends on how much you want it and how much are you willing to sacrifice for it.
The onus is on YOU.
There WILL be difficulties and obstacles standing in your way.
There WILL be things that put you down.
There WILL be moments that when you think that you want to give in.
But all things considered, things that are hard to get in life will be much more appreciated and will be more sweeter once you achieve it.
All in all, ask for guidance from Allah, your mum and dad's doa and blessing and believe that things will go through as you wanted.. 
because at the end of the day, there's only so much that you can do.
'Wamakaru wamakarallah, wallahu khairul maakiriin.'