When I grow up.. I wannabe a Dr.

Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Thursday, May 20

~ new task

cakap-cakap maestronine

quite busy but not as busy as orthopaedics.. at least 2 ward rounds per day.. admissions every day.. jobs every minute.. did a few things alright eg. naloxone for opiods toxicity..

still in dilemma where to go next??

thu may 20th 2010

Sunday, May 9

Whats up everyone?!

cakap-cakap brainbarrier

Weh geng ape khabar?

Dah lama aku tak tulis..and aku taktau nak tulis ape
I heard all of u guyz are doing well in eire
shahid is gonna get married soon
i just finished my O&G posting..and going into me 3rd one - shit i'll miss that department

well i hope for a 75 mini reunion soon? at shahid's?

-life is not as easy as ABC, but it's less complicated than stopping lionel messi-


Thursday, May 6

di mana??

cakap-cakap maestronine

welcome gen surg.. good experience so far..

this sunday.. premier league will come to its end.. who will be crowned as the champion??

thu may6th 2010