When I grow up.. I wannabe a Dr.

Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Wednesday, December 31

Bye bye 2008

cakap-cakap shahied


BOOM BOOM.. Gaza berdentum lagi buat kesekian kalinya.. Israel macam biasa playing the 'victim' bullshit. Konon2 nak ajar sket geng2 Hamas yg dok tembak roket seciput kat 'area' dorg. Konon2 nak takutkan Hamas. Wrestle them onto the ground. Parade to the world that the Israelis are living in fear of these rockets launched in by Hamas. 

The fact is, since these few months that Israelis Laknatullah claim that they are under siege by Palestinian rockets, ONE, i repeat, ONE life has been lost. So that gives them the shitload of reason to kill up to now almost 400 Palestinians. Children's and civilians killed, OOPS, they say, its collateral damage. 

The fact is, Gaza strip has been blocked from the outside world since God knows when and our brothers are suffering and dying silently.Food, medical supplies, and the basic necessities are hard to get by. 

The fact is, Israel's laknatullah idea of TRUCE is stop attacking , cease fire, stay in ur place quietly, while we starve and deprive you, demolish your houses and steal your land right under your noses. WHAT A LOAD OF POOP!! 

And the latest news, they are now not even to accept an effin 48 hours truce just so that humanitarian aids can be brought into Gaza. Gosh, they are ruling this world aren't they??  And the world foolishly as usual cannot(or won't??) do anything besides crying foul play. America as usual beats behind the bush(u get what i mean? BUSH?).. u think Obama is going to bring change? dream on.

 As for the so called Arabs couldn't give a crap about their own kind. Where's Saudi Arabia? where's Egypt? For all the money and power that they have, they have their tails between their legs scared of America if they get involved. Egypt is the worst, how they bow to the pressure of America, closing their border so no Palestenians can escape nor help can be given. Few days before the attack started, guess what? They were busy entertaining, shaking hands and all smiles with the Israeli foreign minister.CLAP CLAP.

 If you are asking, am i mad? yes i am. and you should be too. You should be bothered. If you ain't 'bovved', shame on you. If not the Muslims that are concerned, nobody will give a rats a** about the palestenians(ok, maybe there are a few non-muslim who have a concious and sound mind).. If you don't even know what is happening, then more shame on you. What's your reason?busy study? take 15 minutes and go google to see whats happening to the world around you. Open your eyes, broaden your minds. Don't be a stuck up and lock your self in your comfort box.

~I am tempted to wish you guys a happy new year, but then, LETS NOT..~

Bye bye 2008 
What does 2009 brings us?

~Yours truly~

what?? my NY resolutions???

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

now that the season to be jolly is drawing to a close, the season to take a jolly good hard look in the mirror can finally begin. alas... it’s that time of the year. what?? my resolutions? i scrapped off my old ones down the bin. many were left semi finished. so...this time around, should i make them? or don’t make them? hmm

hehe, normally... i usually do but only in my head. hardly ever on paper. no written reminders of when my self improvement attempts fall off the wagon. no one likes to be left feeling unfulfilled. but having said that… it is fun to make new year’s resolutions, isn’t it? i think i'll go ahead and make a list but of course i keep it to myself. ngee =D


-ilman aiman-

p.s: oh, i just realize that this entry is the 100th post in this blog.. yeay!!

cakap-cakap izadiskandar


Izad_iskandar created a personal video at the
Vodkamuseum Amsterdam
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qunut nazilah buat saudara di palestin

cakap-cakap brainbarrier

"Ya Allah,Sesungguhnya kami meletakkan-Mu di batang-batang leher musuh2 kami Dan kami berlindung dengan-Mu daripada kejahatan2 merekaYa Allah,Leburkanlah kumpulan2 mereka Pecah belahkan dan kacau bilaukan persatuan merekaGoncangkan pendirian mereka Dan hantarkanlah anjing2 kamu kepada mereka Wahai tuhan yang gagah perkasa Wahai tuhan yang penuh raksasa Wahai tuhan yang bersifat murka Ya allah Ya allah Ya allah Ya allah, Wahai tuhan yang menurunkan kitab, Wahai tuhan yang mengarakkan awan Wahai tuhan yang menewaskan bala tentera al-ahzab Kalahkan mereka Kalahkan mereka Kalahkan mereka Dan menangkan kami ke atas mereka."

Qunut secara istilahnya adalah seperti yang dikatakan oleh Al-Hafidh Ibnu Hajar Al-Asqalani rahimahullah: "Suatu doa di dalam shalat pada tempat yang khusus dalam keadaan berdiri." (Fathul Bari 2/490.) Dan Nazilah artinya malapetaka atau musibah yang turun menimpa kaum muslimin dalam bentuk gempa, banjir, peperangan, penganiayaan dan sebagainya.
Qunut nazilah adalah suatu hal yang disyariatkan dan amat disunnahkan ketika terjadi musibah dan kezaliman...

Tuesday, December 30

I wonder why?

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

Hey blog buddies,
Izad Iskandar here reporting live from Victoria Park Hotel in Amsterdam.
Firstly, I would like to apologise for a missing monday entry from me. Though from what I can see online, Aiman has kindly take up the slot, gladly.

I have also noticed that there are some missing blog entries on certain days. Is there any problem?

I hope all of you are in good health and happy. Do not miss me much, as I am not. hehe.

-Izad Iskandar-

I have also been informed that Papa and my family members read this blog. so hello. aiyaa, y baca? now Boy have to behave!!

Monday, December 29

confession of the lazy

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

we are all lazy people. we put on hold of tasks that should be completed. we love to procrastinate, we find comfort in sleeping, we idle away time as though it is a useless commodity. and even worse, we have all built our personal utopias where we do everything except the things that we're really should be doing..... like studying perhaps.. =D

p/s: this is not directed to anybody per se. just some words of self encouragement =)

-ilman aiman-

Friday, December 26

dear bloggy: part 2

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

after several weeks of hiatus, i decided to throw in some of my thoughts back to this blog. well, i sorted some things, things like my paeds revision.. erk.. my FYP... yeah right... who am i kidding, i'm still stuck at the first few initial steps & to be perfectly honest, like most of u (i hope so ni!!!) i'm certainly underwhelmed with the progression that i've made. shame on me kan or should i rephrase that to shame on us???.. ngee. sajer, it's good to know that ur not alone... hahah. keji!!

well, why am i saying it out loud like this?? i don't know.. maybe it's the same old reason, a cultural thing that is inappropriately cultivated by most of us. we're resting too much on our comfort zone, choosing to be on a safe level and not pushing hard enough to excel on a better standard. we're stuck under one dimension, hindering ample opportunities that we missed by not seizing them. and truth be told, for all u know, after this, i mean that by the next few days.... chances are that i'm just gonna sit around and do nothing despite the highly motivating speech that i'm writing now.

and this time, mmg shame on me kan... for not practicing what i preach. but come to think of it, i'm doing this for the greater good. to benefit those who have it in their heart to get up & make a difference. we procrastinate too much. we're resting on time and we put all of our effort for the last minute preparation, the eleventh hour practice that we're fairly accustomed to. tapi sampai bila???

-ilman aiman-

Thursday, December 25

it's dec 25th!!

cakap-cakap maestronine

first and foremost, happy birthday to nurulfarihah ahmad yusuf!! =) enjoy your day.. have a great year ahead.. tomorrow we go shopping2 k.. hehe.. xxx

my first time in cork.. in fact my first time in eire as well.. has always be in the uk on the christmas day.. i don't think there is much different anyway.. most shops are closed.. buses are stored in the depot.. etc2..

woke up at 8 this morning.. and cooked nasi lemak for breakfast.. sambal udang.. ayam goreng.. telur goreng.. ikan bilis and kacang.. timun.. sedap jgk aaa kan hehe.. then watched tv.. study sket.. play poker.. and tonight i'm gonna bake marble cake.. *drooling*

seriously i'm worried about my final year project.. haihhh.. everyone seems to have progress really well.. though i know i should work at my very own pace, mine is too slow i think.. this time, i don't want to leave my assignment hanging until the very last minute.. time for a change =D

okie dokie.. have a great thursday.. cheerio..

thu dec 25th 2008 1900

Sunday, December 21

Juggling Work & Play - Izad's Monday entry.

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

00:40 Midnight.
Croydon, London.

Boy Arrived in Gatwick around 2.20PM. As expected, Mama, Papa, Adik and Along were there waiting at Arrival gate, despite mama trying to surprise me by texting me "Papa, Adik & Abg long saja yg datang ambil boy" beforehand. Typical. Duh, Mama, knowing you, takkan tak datang kot.

Within minutes, suasana kat situ became just like a scene in "Brothers & Sisters" series, bak kata orang utara .. Hingaq. Best. Mama kata " Ha, jom coffee." Terus singgah Costa Coffee. I had Vanilla latte (Along pun, huh peniru! lol), plus some carrot choc cake (or something). Terus dapat rasa I wud be obese when Id finally balik Cork.

Sampai rumah, met up with Bibik. ("Bibik!!, How are you? how are u going to survive in London, You story me early-early??". "Apa apa aja la Boy, Bibik ngak paham. Boy, Bibik sudah pergi Belanda, udah lama 600 tahun diserang Belanda. Di Amsterrrrdam!"
Ermmm. ok. Does a transit in Amsterdam counts? ye kot, to think of it, kasi chan la, im happy she fulfilled a dream.
Qistyna Alisya (QA) is so huge now! "Hey you, Do u know who I am? Betcha dont know me. I saw u when u come out of ur mommy!" She smiled. Pipi GEBUNYERRRR! hmmmphh geram!
She can sit unsupported, responsive to voices, able to hold head layed prone, able to bear weight on both feet supported. (Any guess on her age? come on Paeds ppl!)

Anyways, after lunch at home, Nasi Lemak mmmmm. We went shopping in town. Adik bought games (mcm biasa). I strangely enough tak beli apa apa, except an England jersey Shidi pesan. Maybe nafsu shoppin datang Boxing day kot. or bila sampai Oxford st nanti.

So then balik rumah, dinner dah tersedia thanks to Bibik. Kari kepala ikan.

To make the story short, here I am .. sorting my final year project data in the dining room , Adik dah tertido kat sofa, Along, Abg Long & QA sleeping, Mama & Papa packing in the guest room, and bibik dah pengsan "kesejukan" kat bilik dia (kot hehe).
This is the 1st time I had to merge work & play, study sambil bercuti. Final year beb, berkorban lah demi ijazah anda!

Esok flight kami ke Barcelona dalam tengahhari. I have a feeling Oxford Handbook of Clinical meds will be in my hands in between waitings...

Hola Espana, Habla Ingles?
-Sorry I had to post my entry on Sunday instead of the usual Monday, since I probably wont be online much di our apartment kat Barcelona tu.
Just to show how dedicated I am to this blog-thingy (sampai ke anak pinak... bak kata seseorang.. ehem ehem)
Guys, I will see u again next year 2009! take care.

Saturday, December 20

Peringatan sempena cuti winter

cakap-cakap brainbarrier

peringatan dari seorang sahabat kepadaku dan sahabat2 lain...

Berdisiplinlah dengan masa!

''Rigid kan lah jadual kalian dengan solat jemaah pada masanya, sebaiknya di masjid, mathurat pagi dan petang. Rigid kan juga jadual itu dengan study, bacaan-bacaan semasa, dan apa sahaja usaha yang meningkatkan ilmu dan darjat di sisi Allah'''

''Jangan sekali-sekali membuang masa dengan menonton dvd/movies/tv series/bermain game/chatting/ bergayut di telephone/mengumpat dan apa sahaja yang tidak membawa akal berkembang, malah menumpulkan, menimbulkan cinta pada dunia, dan takut pada mati. Jangan biar, malah tegurlah sahabat - sahabat yang terlibat dalam perkara yang membuang masa. Tegur dan tegahlah. Akhlak dan masa orang Islam sepatutnya tidak sempat untuk diluangkan untuk perkara-perkara sedemikian.''

''Tanggungjawab dan kerja yang sepatutnya kita buat sangat banyak. Dan seringkali kedengaran dengan rungutan ‘busy’ pada sesetengah orang. Ironi kalau busy tapi masih ada masa berehat-rehatan.''

Thursday, December 18

winter break..

cakap-cakap maestronine

really can't wait.. even though it'll be only two weeks' break.. badly need the hols.. fuhhhh *relief*

it's undoubtedly the most "busy" year of all.. loads of stuff to think about.. plenty of things dangling in the head.. i won't be naming those.. as we're all in this hols mood.. x nk aa potong steam kan.. at least for a few days.. we should get some good rest.. switch off all your text, big, whatever books for a while.. free your gear or switch to P or N.. relax and sit back.. enjoy the break while you can..

alrighty.. take it easy lads..

thu dec 18th 2008 2100

p/s adakah anda semua berpuas hati dengan kemenangan alexandra?? to be honest me-self would love to see jls menang.. after all, the "group" never won the competition.. but alexandra was really super-duper stunning.. unbelievable.. outstanding.. dan adjectives yang seumpama, sama waktu dengannya.. sure asyik berkumandang je lagu ms. burke di musim perayaan natal dan tahun baru ni.. congratulations alexandra burke!!

X Factor Final 2008: Alexandra & Beyoncé - Listen

Wednesday, December 17


cakap-cakap shahied

what do you do after comitting a sin?

to commit it is one thing,

but to be proud doing it, 

or unrepentful,

or unremorseful,

or doesn't regret it,

that's another whole new level.

So be repentful, ask for forgiveness from The Almighty, coz Allah is Ar-Rahim and Al-Ghaffar..


oh, how i wish i could fly..and fly back to malaysia for the holidays..
(itu adik2ku)

Tuesday, December 16


cakap-cakap brainbarrier

well well well

korang sure dah tgk video george bushit.. eh.. george bush kene dibaling kasut oleh wartawan di iraq tapi die sempat mengelak ala2 matrix sambil menye’mirk’ dgn mukenye yang toye itu.

klik sini utk tgk neo versi org tua

n aku tgk reaksi member arab aku amat predictable.. diorang sure la suke .

“george bush di bawah kasut arab.” ehehehe

si wartawan ni pun satu, ade ke lepas baling kasut pertama tak kene, die baling skali lagi ke bahagian muke.. pastu slow plak tu.. tak kene gak.

eh baling 2 kali…pastu dua2 tak kene… hmmmm.. ade bau ikan sket2 la kat sini

aku mmg nk tgk pemimpin kerajaan amerika yg dungu ni letak jawatan. harap2 nye kerajaan kat Malaysia tak dapat pemimpin yg camni mac 2009 nanti.

anyway.. kpd yg bercuti gunalah masa sebaik2nya..(final med xyah ckp la kan)

happy holssssss


Monday, December 15

Hmm.. Winter oh winter..

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

(baca dgn nada budak 5 tahun belajar membaca)
Ini Adik saya. Nama dia Muhammad Idlan Haziq. Dia berumur 14 tahun. Dia pengawas. Pembaca doa waktu perhimpunan dan juga buat pengumuman di PA system.
Dia sejuk sebab winter. Dia single lagi (duh).
Yang berbulu tu Throw. dan yang berbintik rimau itu adalah Fluffy slippers.
Ini ditangkap di Rumah kakak saya di Croydon, London (tempat/bandar JLS X factor).

sorry. (tak ada idea nak tulis)

and now your kind audience, May I Introduce you to my parents. -which will not be named for certain reasons-
And this is taken in Venice December last year dlm boat. (and di situ juga kami jumpa feesha, yusma, hana n etc) I love this pic- it shows how they are enjoying Venice, and each other.

At this very moment my parents n siblings ada di London (seberang laut saja!). Cant wait till saturday to meet them.

Sorry again (tak ada idea nak tulis)

VOTE: Gambar mana lagi cute/sweet?

Thursday, December 11

exam coming up and yet.....

cakap-cakap maestronine

part a

able to spend soooooo much time doing something else..

1. zezeze.. sleep a.k.a. rest is necessary.. but tido berlebih2 la plak kan.. haihhh..
2. tgk tv.. bola dan lain2.. dh duduk kat sofa, berat la plak nk bgn..
3. makan minum.. ape je ade depan mata, mmg abis la kan.. kalau xde, mmg pegi cari.. skjp2, rase nk buat air panas.. pas tu complain asyik nk terkucil je..
4. duk dpn computer.. errr ni rase mcm nk kene bahagi to small parts je..
5. bace blog and paper.. kawan yg ade blog plak ramai.. so satu2 lah kene bukak.. kang kalau x bukak, rase mcm x adil.. padahal mmg nk tgk update etc2.. x lupe juge refresh blog umah..
6. facebook, friendster, bebo etc2.. tgk profile org.. tgk wall org.. layan gambar2 baru.. main application2 yg ade.. skjp2 click home..
7. website sukan.. skysports, soccernet, rugby.. nk2 bile hari ade game.. refresh n refresh..
8. ym/msn/skype.. borak2.. sembang2.. tanye khabar..
9. main freecell or hearts.. time tenet lembab or slow or terputus..

ade sape2 nk add on to the list, silekan nasi tambah eh.. aku tau mostly mmg lebih kurang je our daily ritual acts haha.. but why we do such and such.. release tension?? hobi?? bersosial??

part b

by enlarge, each and everyone of us has some degree of stress.. it does not really matter how much, but again the different between the good and the great people is how to counteract the stress.. some do hangout with their clan and groupies.. some just like to spend time to themselves.. all in all, we need to know our priorities and the importance of time management..

in the case of this inevitable exam.. study tetap study punye.. tp how much and how productive tu, lain rambut lain style nye.. kalau hari ni rase nk sikat tepi, sikat lah tepi kan.. kalau rase nk belah tengah, pn ok je.. nk gunting botak pn, xde hal lah.. jgn mudah terpengaruh dgn org.. org bace topic tuh, kite pn nk bace topic tu.. xperlu nk ikut org.. be yourself k.. with your own recipe of success.. ~~~all the best and good luck!!~~~

saya akhiri dengan sebaris pantun:
what are the causes of hyper- and hypo-kalaemia??

thu dec 11th 2008 1745

Wednesday, December 10

The cute kid who distracted me..

cakap-cakap shahied

As a doctor, you have to be objective. You have to focus. Not to be distracted or too attached. Today, i learnt my lesson.

This is a history of a cute 18 month old boy.
He presented to A&E by GP referral with a 1 week history of cough, wheezing, and high fever of 39.1 degrees celcius which has become worse over a few days.

He was unwell since 3 months ago with consecutive episodes of illness first with tonsilitis, followed by croup, then gastroenteritis with diarrhoea and vomitting and most recently an ear infection. He was on antibiotics for the ear infection for 1 week. 
He then developed a cough last week which is chesty, no obvious aggrevating or relieving factor, with onset of fever at the same time. He was off form, lethargic and not feeding very well. 1 day b4 admission he stopped taking any foods and drink only 2 bottles.
Mother also complained that he has lost a lot of weight since the 3 months he was sick
There were no other associated symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomitting, irritability or drowsiness
In the A&E he was noted to be pale and his O2 saturation was low at 88% . Upon administration of oxygen and nebulizers, the O2 sats returned to normal. He was admitted.

His paediatrics history was unremarkable. He was born at term, at 8lbs 11oz with no complications during pregnancy or birth. His neonatal period was also normal. His immunisations are up to date except for his pneumococcal vaccine which was missed 2 month ago because he was sick.

His past medical history was unremarkable. There were no previous admission prior to this. He was only in the A&E for the croup episode but was discharged. He is currently on these medications while in hospital:
Atorvent, Ventolyn, Pulmicort and Augmentin. There's no known drug allergy.

On the family history, there is a significant history of asthma in the paternal side of the family. But there were no other family history of congenital diseases, cystic fibrosis or other serious illness.

Developmentally he is normal. He started crawling at 11 months,  and walking at 16 months. His vision and hearing is normal. He has a lot of words and understands conversations. He is sociable and interacts very well.

On examination , he's alert, apyrexial, pale, in no visible distress, has audible wheeze and cough.
His respiratory exam revealed mild wheezing and crepitation bilaterally. Air entry was normal and equal bilaterally.
CVS exam was normal. HS 1 n 2 with no added sound or murmur.
Abdomen was soft non-tender with no organomegaly or mass.
CNS intact, tone and power normal on all limbs.

His weight is now 10.44 kg (9th centile)
Previous weight in Sept 10.3 (25th centile)

So you can see, just by reading (if you've done paeds) probably you would notice by now that there is something wrong with this kid right? I mean, its not normal to be ongoingly sick for 3 months. His weight has also fallen across 1 centile.

But i got distracted because the child was very friendly, playing around, happy to be examined, cried when the stethoscope came out.. but stopped and held out his hands asking me to dukung him after i finished. waved bye bye by saying Di Di insted.. i mean how cute is that?
When asked by Dr C if i would worry about this kid, i said probably not..(on the basis that he is happy and playful and cute).. when she pointed out all the cues that i should have picked up..i was like, wait a minute, demmit, thats right..he could be having some kind of chronic condition... (cari differential diagnosis ye kengkawan paeds :P)

demmit laaaaaaaaaaaaa...!!! cute happy kids can have really chronic disease as well.. adeii.. lesson well learnt..


Tuesday, December 9

what's up with surgery?

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

if u do a random survey on any medical students on what they aspire to be after finishing medical school, then surgery wouldn't normally appear on their top 3 list. for most people, surgery would be down below, rite next to hmmmm... psychiatry perhaps or pathology? i don't know about the true fact & figures or any statistical analysis done but this is the impression that i got from recent chats with friends & acquaintances of a similar background. in a nutshell, the complains & reasons cited for not doing surgery are:
  • surgeons are cold hearted egoist. they think they are better than others. their arrogance fills up the room
  • surgeons are the exclusive only boys club. some consider that female surgeons are a joke.
  • surgery takes too much of ur working hours. plus, most hours are inflexble.
  • surgeons require dexterity
  • i don't have the built of a surgeon
though i hate to admit it, but some or maybe most of the feedback that were thrown in are true at least to a certain extent depending on how u look at it. u see... for surgeons.. they are trained as surgeons instead of being born as one. facility with knot tying and sewing is handy, but in fact some of the most wise and revered surgeons in practice today were not known for their dexterity when they were medical students or junior surgery residents. instead... intelligence, conscientiousness.... creativity, courage & perseverance on behalf of ur patients are the critical factors. and they weight far more than having the "right personality" fit for what i would say a misleading portrayal of the classic surgeon.

becoming a good surgeon is a life long process. thoughtful reflection on the outcomes of ur decisions and those of others will gradually give u the most important quality..."good surgical judgment' as i would put it. the field of surgery needs a rich variety of motivated medical students to ensure that the spots of surgeons are maintained within equal ratio. so, to some of u out there..... u know u got the talent... u know u have it in u, so why not invest it in surgery. who knows u could go further than ur initial expectation. there's no harm in saying YES to surgery!!!

and lastly, just something trivial, if u've noticed, most shows done based on a medical environment.. surgeons normally get the center stage like in grey's anatomy... scrubs... house.... just to name a few. and i wonder why that is the case ??? =P

-ilman aiman-
@ limerick

p.s: selamat hari raya haji to all & again.. sorry for the delay =)


cakap-cakap brainbarrier

i just had a radiology tutorial
and the radiologist is an american
he said that there is NO center of excellence in Ireland
and he said that there's a bunch of them in America
and the irish were outraged
no la.. aku rasa la
according to him, ireland's best CT scan is worse than the worst CT scan in some parts of america (something like that)
he then said Ireland has the brain but not $$$
no investment whatsoever (in term of radiological equips)

lain masa aku komen video 'islamisation of malaysia' yg aku rasa amat provokatif


Monday, December 8

Salam Aidil Adha

cakap-cakap shahied

Terjaga ku dari tidur yg separa lena..

ku cuba lelapkan kembali mata..
Guling kiri guling kanan..
Hati resah serba tak kena..
kutenung ruang yang gelap..
hati berkata-kata..
apalah saja yang daku risaukan..
apalah saja yg daku ingatkan..
apalah saja yg daku rindukan..
mencari-cari di benak minda..
sesuatu yg bisa menenangkan..
wudu' bersama kedinginan malam..
ku panjatkan doa agar dikau disana..
beroleh kesenangan,ketenangan..
dikuatkan hati menghadapi dugaan..

Khas untuk yang terjauh.

Salam Aidil Adha buat semua.
Ahmad Shahid

Sunday, December 7


cakap-cakap izadiskandar

Bila termenung seketika, teringatku muka riang muda kita.
Saat takbir bergema, senyuman mu sembunyi sedih lara.
Tahun bergandah lalu, ingatlupa sudah lima tahun jua.
Tapi rindu tetap ada, pada ayah bonda jauh di sana.

Kau tengok aku, aku tengok kau.
kau senyum padaku, ku jelir aja lidah padamu.
Berpeluk ciuman, gurauan senda sang bujang kelapangan.
Selamat Hari Raya, Senyuman salam berpindah tangan.

Dibalik ulu hati, ingin sungguh ku lari.
Lompat ke Heathrow, lalu direct ke Sepang.
Ah, apa ini? Dah tua pun sedu lagi.
Udah pikir buangan.
Keluarga mu - budak hingusan yang disini.
Sayang mereka bak darahmu sendiri.

Dari hati yang tak sesucimu,
Ku pohon ampunan dari mu,
Oh Abang, akak, serta adikku,
Aidiladha ku khas buat kamu.

-izad iskandar-


Jom tengok balik Tahun pertama kita beraya di perantauan!

Sekejap je dah 5 tahun.
ada yg dah balik, ada yg masih disini
ada yg dah kahwin, ada yg ntah bila lagi?

-Video made by Ameen Saiful Azhar

~Mr Monday - Izad Iskandar~

Saturday, December 6

Islamisation of Malaysia - a documentary.

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

This is a great & important issue to understand n converse on..

Please spend a few mins to watch this. and I personally want to hear your personal views, each one of you.

Let's understand each other regardless of religion.

again, im sorry if this is too controversial for your liking. but we need to quit avoiding this subject. and face the fact that Malaysia is not perfect.

Now, let me hear your say. PLEASE Watch the video before commenting, or you will miss the point of discussion.

Thursday, December 4

half way through..

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i was thinking of writing about this topic since a few days ago.. i say it is a continuation on what shahid has blogged about yesterday.. more or less it is a similar topic when the pressure is everest-mounting.. when you can see clearly the definite finishing line for this particular race..

tick tock tick tock.. we are approaching the end of our 3rd week of the 3rd rotation.. hence, mathematically, we have 2 1/2 rotation left.. we are half way through the final year lads.. before reaching that so-called milestone in our life.. and the second half of the academic-year will begin next monday.. at this stage, i would say the prognosis of graduating in summer '09, for all of us is pretty good.. stay positive lads.. we gonna be there, no matter what..

imagine the day when we will be receving the scroll, wearing the unique robe.. visualise yourself into that special and never-to-forget moment.. is it too early to think about it?? hehehe saje je nk suruh rase the vibes.. that is just the graduation bit.. the post-graduation life is totally a different ball game..

let us stride and give a very good final push.. kejayaan tak akan datang bergolek.. kita yang kena "bergolek-golek" untuk berjaya.. although it's a personal glory, we can finish this race together.. insya-Allah..

thu dec 4th 2008 1600

Wednesday, December 3

Do you have what it takes??

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This blog is titled 'When I grow up, I wannabe a DOCTOR'

However, its quite ironic as how many of us actually wanted to be a doctor in the 1st place. Its certainly wasn't what i had in mind when i was in school filling up those career forms where you have to list your top 3 things that you want to be in the future. I can't remember what i actually wrote but doctor wasn't one of them. I love to draw when i was a little boy so i aspired to be an architect..or an engineer.. those were the 'cool' jobs that appealed to me at that time. I didn't have any particular exposure to the medical field. None of my relatives are doctors.It wasn't even my first choice while filling  up the JPA sponsorship form. 
Long story cut short, here i am now, 6 years later, in Final med, closer than ever to being a doctor than i was before. I was in a place where i never thought that i would be before. These long 4 years that have passed seemed so short. 
Medical school some people say is a marathon.. not a 100m sprint. You have to keep your pace consistently, or you will be left lagging behind. And here, nobody waits for you. If you try to do a sprint, you'll end up burning out miles before the finishing line. And 'the finishing line' that you think is the finishing line, is actually a starting line for another marathon..Yikes!
To be a medical student is not an easy path.. its long, tedious, with thorns and obstacles left and right. Giving up is not really an option, more so if u've gone this far. You somehow find strength to open the heavy books, wake up early going to hospitals, spend countless hours hearing people's pain and woes, poking them mercilessly here and there all in the name of being a doctor someday. Strength from the unseen, strength from ridiculously far away families, strength from loved ones, strength from fellow friends, strength from smiling patients thanking you, smile from small babies that grip your finger,strength from Nescafe, Red Bull, Viagra, whatever ur style is..
Stamina. That's what is important to have.. mental stamina, physical stamina(yes, physical stamina, so don't be lazy to exercise!!!), emotional stamina, and any  other kinds of stamina that you can think of. Just imagine yourself working during oncall, its been 24 hours since you had any sleep , a patient comes in with some weird presentation and your tired mind is trying to calculate all the possible differentials for what could be the problem.thats when you need the stamina. no room for mistakes, no room for error.

So yeah, you passed med school.Great.Congratulations.The fun has just begun.

P/s: No i'm not stressed, no i'm not doubting myself.Just a reality check :)

>yours truly<

Monday, December 1

Percayakah Anda?

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Isnin - Izad
Selasa - Ameen
Rabu - Shahid
Khamis - Nik
Jumaat - Aiman
its 12.00 tgh mlm. hari isnin. (and yes, Im Mr Monday aka Mr Video)

This is just in.
3 footages from Singapore has just made it on air to more than 10 million viewers in the UK through its main news broadcaster ITV television.
and video experts have certified its genuine authenticity.
One of the video involved Raffles hotel, A notoriously known historical landmark in the Singaporean World war II history.
You havta watch it.

Teringat kat Malaysia kan?

Apa pandangan anda? Apakah itu?

chop chop.. kejap kejap.. awak, jangan pandang belakang.