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Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Thursday, December 11

exam coming up and yet.....

cakap-cakap maestronine

part a

able to spend soooooo much time doing something else..

1. zezeze.. sleep a.k.a. rest is necessary.. but tido berlebih2 la plak kan.. haihhh..
2. tgk tv.. bola dan lain2.. dh duduk kat sofa, berat la plak nk bgn..
3. makan minum.. ape je ade depan mata, mmg abis la kan.. kalau xde, mmg pegi cari.. skjp2, rase nk buat air panas.. pas tu complain asyik nk terkucil je..
4. duk dpn computer.. errr ni rase mcm nk kene bahagi to small parts je..
5. bace blog and paper.. kawan yg ade blog plak ramai.. so satu2 lah kene bukak.. kang kalau x bukak, rase mcm x adil.. padahal mmg nk tgk update etc2.. x lupe juge refresh blog umah..
6. facebook, friendster, bebo etc2.. tgk profile org.. tgk wall org.. layan gambar2 baru.. main application2 yg ade.. skjp2 click home..
7. website sukan.. skysports, soccernet, rugby.. nk2 bile hari ade game.. refresh n refresh..
8. ym/msn/skype.. borak2.. sembang2.. tanye khabar..
9. main freecell or hearts.. time tenet lembab or slow or terputus..

ade sape2 nk add on to the list, silekan nasi tambah eh.. aku tau mostly mmg lebih kurang je our daily ritual acts haha.. but why we do such and such.. release tension?? hobi?? bersosial??

part b

by enlarge, each and everyone of us has some degree of stress.. it does not really matter how much, but again the different between the good and the great people is how to counteract the stress.. some do hangout with their clan and groupies.. some just like to spend time to themselves.. all in all, we need to know our priorities and the importance of time management..

in the case of this inevitable exam.. study tetap study punye.. tp how much and how productive tu, lain rambut lain style nye.. kalau hari ni rase nk sikat tepi, sikat lah tepi kan.. kalau rase nk belah tengah, pn ok je.. nk gunting botak pn, xde hal lah.. jgn mudah terpengaruh dgn org.. org bace topic tuh, kite pn nk bace topic tu.. xperlu nk ikut org.. be yourself k.. with your own recipe of success.. ~~~all the best and good luck!!~~~

saya akhiri dengan sebaris pantun:
what are the causes of hyper- and hypo-kalaemia??

thu dec 11th 2008 1745

2 kritikus:

fendi said...

watching movies & tv shows? =)

anyway, best of luck to u guys!~

Witty Angel said...

wahahha ape nik ape?hypo n hyperkalaemia..confirmkuar exam.haha..management sekali ek..next entry ek?mekaseyyy