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Saturday, December 6

Islamisation of Malaysia - a documentary.

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

This is a great & important issue to understand n converse on..

Please spend a few mins to watch this. and I personally want to hear your personal views, each one of you.

Let's understand each other regardless of religion.

again, im sorry if this is too controversial for your liking. but we need to quit avoiding this subject. and face the fact that Malaysia is not perfect.

Now, let me hear your say. PLEASE Watch the video before commenting, or you will miss the point of discussion.

6 kritikus:

Anonymous said...

izad i personally think u should change your title to 'attempt to make malaysia a pure secular country' instead of 'islamisation of malaysia' which i found quite disturbing as the video is made by islamic fundamental haters..

i have a lot to comment on this matter. later today.

shahied said...

me thinks also that the title islamisation of malaysia is inappropriate.
majority always rules. i bet if any other religion were the majority here they would want their religion to be the main one right?
the problem with malaysia is its own muslim people are bringing bad names to Islam. and if u mean islamisation of malaysia is by the increase in opening of night clubs,openly selling of alcohol,deterioration of the social condition in malaysia then i wud say its the opposite.none of those are what Islam is all about.
I agree that Islam should not be imposed on non-muslims.tiada paksaan dalam beragama. if they are christian,buddhist,hindus or whatsoever, they should be allowed to practice what they want within boundaries of the civil law as long as they dont try to impose themselves onto Islam. kenapa sibuk nak tangkap org cina berpegang tangan? that i dont understand.
oh, and yes i also think this video is a one sided and distorted view of Islam. more bad names to Islam then.

izadiskandar said...

Well. that's the POINT.

ISLAMINATION of MALAYSIA is the TITLE OF the documentary. Thats what make it controversial n ticks me off.

and I am against this documentary.

Anonymous said...

saya rasa agama dan budaya dah terlampau dicampur adukkan..

Anonymous said...

Ini akibatnya agama dan politik diasingkan walhal politik adalah sebahagian dari agama. Apabila mana yg membenarkan pendapat keduniaan sahaja digunapakai, sebahagian yg lain ditinggalkan.. wujudlah golongan2 sekularisma ni.
Sister in Islam with Zainah Anwar, Malik Imtiaz etc...Sirah telah ada sebagai contoh, tunggulah sehingga mereka tahu mereka telah mengkhianti Islam. Islam semakin asing kini....
Yet the title should be changed.

shahied said...

btol tu haizum. me also thinks that sebahagian besar melayu masih terlalu meletakkan culture mereka way ahead more than the religion itself.
from my perspective, there is no benefit whatsoever from terlalu mengagungkan keMelayuan kita. semangat assabiyah(perkauman) tak pernah diajar oleh Rasulullah. I also think that Malaysia can be more prosperus if Malays stop thinking that only they are the Boss of this country whereas the fact is they have little to contribute to the economy of Malaysia itself.