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Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Sunday, December 21

Juggling Work & Play - Izad's Monday entry.

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

00:40 Midnight.
Croydon, London.

Boy Arrived in Gatwick around 2.20PM. As expected, Mama, Papa, Adik and Along were there waiting at Arrival gate, despite mama trying to surprise me by texting me "Papa, Adik & Abg long saja yg datang ambil boy" beforehand. Typical. Duh, Mama, knowing you, takkan tak datang kot.

Within minutes, suasana kat situ became just like a scene in "Brothers & Sisters" series, bak kata orang utara .. Hingaq. Best. Mama kata " Ha, jom coffee." Terus singgah Costa Coffee. I had Vanilla latte (Along pun, huh peniru! lol), plus some carrot choc cake (or something). Terus dapat rasa I wud be obese when Id finally balik Cork.

Sampai rumah, met up with Bibik. ("Bibik!!, How are you? how are u going to survive in London, You story me early-early??". "Apa apa aja la Boy, Bibik ngak paham. Boy, Bibik sudah pergi Belanda, udah lama 600 tahun diserang Belanda. Di Amsterrrrdam!"
Ermmm. ok. Does a transit in Amsterdam counts? ye kot, to think of it, kasi chan la, im happy she fulfilled a dream.
Qistyna Alisya (QA) is so huge now! "Hey you, Do u know who I am? Betcha dont know me. I saw u when u come out of ur mommy!" She smiled. Pipi GEBUNYERRRR! hmmmphh geram!
She can sit unsupported, responsive to voices, able to hold head layed prone, able to bear weight on both feet supported. (Any guess on her age? come on Paeds ppl!)

Anyways, after lunch at home, Nasi Lemak mmmmm. We went shopping in town. Adik bought games (mcm biasa). I strangely enough tak beli apa apa, except an England jersey Shidi pesan. Maybe nafsu shoppin datang Boxing day kot. or bila sampai Oxford st nanti.

So then balik rumah, dinner dah tersedia thanks to Bibik. Kari kepala ikan.

To make the story short, here I am .. sorting my final year project data in the dining room , Adik dah tertido kat sofa, Along, Abg Long & QA sleeping, Mama & Papa packing in the guest room, and bibik dah pengsan "kesejukan" kat bilik dia (kot hehe).
This is the 1st time I had to merge work & play, study sambil bercuti. Final year beb, berkorban lah demi ijazah anda!

Esok flight kami ke Barcelona dalam tengahhari. I have a feeling Oxford Handbook of Clinical meds will be in my hands in between waitings...

Hola Espana, Habla Ingles?
-Sorry I had to post my entry on Sunday instead of the usual Monday, since I probably wont be online much di our apartment kat Barcelona tu.
Just to show how dedicated I am to this blog-thingy (sampai ke anak pinak... bak kata seseorang.. ehem ehem)
Guys, I will see u again next year 2009! take care.

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