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Friday, December 26

dear bloggy: part 2

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

after several weeks of hiatus, i decided to throw in some of my thoughts back to this blog. well, i sorted some things, things like my paeds revision.. erk.. my FYP... yeah right... who am i kidding, i'm still stuck at the first few initial steps & to be perfectly honest, like most of u (i hope so ni!!!) i'm certainly underwhelmed with the progression that i've made. shame on me kan or should i rephrase that to shame on us???.. ngee. sajer, it's good to know that ur not alone... hahah. keji!!

well, why am i saying it out loud like this?? i don't know.. maybe it's the same old reason, a cultural thing that is inappropriately cultivated by most of us. we're resting too much on our comfort zone, choosing to be on a safe level and not pushing hard enough to excel on a better standard. we're stuck under one dimension, hindering ample opportunities that we missed by not seizing them. and truth be told, for all u know, after this, i mean that by the next few days.... chances are that i'm just gonna sit around and do nothing despite the highly motivating speech that i'm writing now.

and this time, mmg shame on me kan... for not practicing what i preach. but come to think of it, i'm doing this for the greater good. to benefit those who have it in their heart to get up & make a difference. we procrastinate too much. we're resting on time and we put all of our effort for the last minute preparation, the eleventh hour practice that we're fairly accustomed to. tapi sampai bila???

-ilman aiman-

2 kritikus:

Anonymous said...

sampai bila2

Wahidah said...

hurm....yeah biler dh berada di comfort zone..kiter mudah rs selesa kan...btw..last minute preparation tk elok di amalkan selalu..hehehe