When I grow up.. I wannabe a Dr.

Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Wednesday, December 3

Do you have what it takes??

cakap-cakap shahied

This blog is titled 'When I grow up, I wannabe a DOCTOR'

However, its quite ironic as how many of us actually wanted to be a doctor in the 1st place. Its certainly wasn't what i had in mind when i was in school filling up those career forms where you have to list your top 3 things that you want to be in the future. I can't remember what i actually wrote but doctor wasn't one of them. I love to draw when i was a little boy so i aspired to be an architect..or an engineer.. those were the 'cool' jobs that appealed to me at that time. I didn't have any particular exposure to the medical field. None of my relatives are doctors.It wasn't even my first choice while filling  up the JPA sponsorship form. 
Long story cut short, here i am now, 6 years later, in Final med, closer than ever to being a doctor than i was before. I was in a place where i never thought that i would be before. These long 4 years that have passed seemed so short. 
Medical school some people say is a marathon.. not a 100m sprint. You have to keep your pace consistently, or you will be left lagging behind. And here, nobody waits for you. If you try to do a sprint, you'll end up burning out miles before the finishing line. And 'the finishing line' that you think is the finishing line, is actually a starting line for another marathon..Yikes!
To be a medical student is not an easy path.. its long, tedious, with thorns and obstacles left and right. Giving up is not really an option, more so if u've gone this far. You somehow find strength to open the heavy books, wake up early going to hospitals, spend countless hours hearing people's pain and woes, poking them mercilessly here and there all in the name of being a doctor someday. Strength from the unseen, strength from ridiculously far away families, strength from loved ones, strength from fellow friends, strength from smiling patients thanking you, smile from small babies that grip your finger,strength from Nescafe, Red Bull, Viagra, whatever ur style is..
Stamina. That's what is important to have.. mental stamina, physical stamina(yes, physical stamina, so don't be lazy to exercise!!!), emotional stamina, and any  other kinds of stamina that you can think of. Just imagine yourself working during oncall, its been 24 hours since you had any sleep , a patient comes in with some weird presentation and your tired mind is trying to calculate all the possible differentials for what could be the problem.thats when you need the stamina. no room for mistakes, no room for error.

So yeah, you passed med school.Great.Congratulations.The fun has just begun.

P/s: No i'm not stressed, no i'm not doubting myself.Just a reality check :)

>yours truly<

6 kritikus:

Witty Angel said...

i always want to be a businesswoman..wearing a cool black suit, elegant dress and sit in the big spacious office...but now here i am...
struggling and striving to finish up my studies and become a slave to human being.hahaha

shahied said...

haha..melampau giler sampai jadi slave to human being. mcm presiden FIFA Sepp Blatter la plak ko..hahahaha.sure tak paham

izadiskandar said...


dan satu lagi, sgt lah penting utk kita ada social life selain medicine, or else ull be so lemau u cant function. so go do something other than medically related

maestronine said...

well mase kecik2 teringin nk jd ketua polis negara.. sbb name ketua polis mase tu tun haniff.. n then bile besar sket nk jd entrepreneur.. konon dpt byk duit..

n bile dh betul2 mase med school baru dpt the feel nk jd doctor..

n thats true izad.. kene do something else and put yourself outside the box (selain think outside)..

lynn afandie said...

kecik2 isi borang nak jadi lawyer (ehem)
pastu main kat rumah, nak jadi interior designer (ehem lagi)
left high school with a dream to be an accountant (ceceh)
in utp, believed i could succeed as an engineer.
my all time dream is to be a pilot

and now, i'm holding a master in pharmacy degree and a pharmacist...who dont dispense medicine, dont counsel patients, and dont do ward rounds. (Urgh)

shahied said...

to izad: tulah, future doesn't always coincide with what we thought it would be. now were are here.so here and now is what matters. just go with the flow.

to nik: eh, dah jadi doktor still can be entreprenuer what.heheh

to lindatt: hehe...to me cita2 jadi pilot tu mcm dah kene cancel awal2 sbb kecik2 dah pakai spek. tulah realiti skarang. byk je kerje yg kdg2 tak berkaitan sgt ngn ape yg kite dah belajar bertahun2. nevertheless, u still have a great job rite now kan? hehe