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Sunday, November 2

007- Quantum of Solace

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

revenge is a dish best served cold. picking up mere minutes after Casino Royale climax the film hits the ground running and delivers action sequence after action sequence. don’t worry though, unlike many action movies today this doesn’t feel like sensory overload, just damn good entertainment.

the plot is simple, Bond wants to discover more about the mysterious quantum organization following his capture of mr white. he also wants to get revenge for the death of his one true love vesper from the previous film. jet-setting across the atlantic he finds that rogue environmentalist mr greene has an affiliation with the evil group and while tailing greene he meets camille (the new Bond chick)

daniel craig continues to be an actor of depth and range in a part that has never demanded that much versatility, while acting powerhouse judi dench blows everyone else except craig. surprisingly even the infamous Bond babes seem to be getting tougher. olga kurylenko’s stunning, hard as nails beauty, camille, has her own private vendetta that she wants to bring to a bloody conclusion, with or without Bond’s help. and the red haired, gemma arterton’s brights up her the screen with her effortlessly foxy performance as agent field.

and i have to say, Arterton's scene where she uttered " do u know how angry i am at myself..." is probably the highlight of the movie. and she said that while Bond works his way up her spine. demmmm..... just wish that they didn't cut short that part!!!

but, as a whole, Quantum of Solace isn't as good as it's predesessor, Casino Royale. the smart elegance of craig's Bond debut has been toned down in favour of conventional action. but craig himself powers up this movie... he carries the film. he measured up!

bottom line, this one is a 7.5/10. recommended still for those who adores Bond series and the action movie mongers. but don't put ur expectations sky high or u'll be disappointed...

p.s: on our night out, surprisingly many final meds were in the same theater watching the new Bond film. the three of us (me, shahied, izad), met up with haizum, izyan & her sister. then bumped into many familiar faces of our classmates !!!

-ilman aiman-

4 kritikus:

maestronine said...

damnn.. i would really love to join you guys.. but loads of things to do that night..

great review.. sounds like a really nice movie.. anyone, belanja me??

ilman aiman said...

tq, u really should go & watch it. tgk wayang skali ok what.. won't burn a hole in ur pocket.
duit dlm akaun x luak mana pun... still leh cover utk hantaran... =D

maestronine said...

haha bukan masalah duit.. sbb kalau pegi, obviously aku mintak ko blanje.. x pn izad.. x pn shahid..

weh buat lah review x factor smlm plak.. ape perasaan anda after the result was announced last night??

Anonymous said...

asal, girl korg kna kuar ke??? :D

(excited & busybody mode) >:D