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Monday, November 10

Izad's here to chase your Monday blues away! Aumm!

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

We've all been in the bus (especially number 10 and 8 Bus!). And at times, we notice the advertisements in, on or outside the bus.
Selagi ada ruang kosong, selagi tu lah mereka nak iklan product mereka habis habisan. Lumrah alam "marketing" yang "fierce".
Every time I saw a brilliant advertisement campaign, I cant help but admire the efforts the people behind it, the advertisement company, the designing team and individual ideas that was put on the table for discussion before the client decided to go with what you see on the bus right now.
One can only wonder how many days, hours and minutes (and EUROS) they spent on this just to grab a few seconds of your attention. So you see, You are important to them! Doesn't that make u feel all warm inside.. kan?
You have the power.. the purchasing power! (ok, cue the evil laugh now - muahaha)

Here are some on my favourite ones. Which one is your fav?

"Atravesse na faixa" means "Go across the track" and reminds people not to cross the street whenever they feel like, or else... or else they might end up as this illusion.

Eee, jangan nakal nakal!

Ehem ehem.. iklan diatas ditujukan khas buat "chimney" 75 tercinta... ehem.
This advertisement for an insurance company was put on the back of buses in Amsterdam.

Aww... so schweeeeet....

4 kritikus:

Anonymous said...

tapi izad?

Anonymous said...

hahaha..i sgt suka laa all the photos except yang nakal2 tuh..cantik giler.very creative laa them. If nmpk dpn mata sendiri, mesti I kagum dgn tertanya mulut sekejap sebelum gelak. :D

Anonymous said...

actually, ternganga mulut..silap tulis plak.

izadiskandar said...

siapa agaknya me~~ ni? kawan kawan jom teka!!!

i instinct feels that dia ni perempuan.

dia ni malaysian.

dia ni most probably muslim..

hmmm... Dr bennet will ask, What further questions wud u ask this person to get a clearer picture?