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Wednesday, November 12

Every day is mother's day

cakap-cakap shahied

This week is my last week doing Obstetrics and Gynaegology rotation.

It has been 6 weeks of me seeing pregnant people and listening to women talking about their medical and not so medical problems.
These few weeks also opened my eyes to how far people are willing to suffer in order to reproduce and have their own flesh and blood child.
Seeing live births were not pleasant but it taught me the value of how much trouble your mother has gone through for you.
Not only they have to suffer carrying you for 9 months, but then have to nurture and look after you until you move out of their houses. 
Our mothers went through a lot from when we were just small fetuses until we are grown men and women(and they still wouldn't stop worrying bout you). 

Dr. C once said to us, "being pregnant/having birth is a dangerous thing to do." Come to think of it, it is kind of true.. u can have serious problems being pregnant such as pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, post-partum haemorrhage, gestational diabetes, amniotic fluid embolism, and many others that can threaten your life. not to mention many other emotional turmoils u may have if there's any problem with your baby.. 9 months is a long long time for your mother to be worried about you. Then there's the problems you may face when giving birth, all that pain and suffering during childbirth.. its considered one of the most painful thing you can encounter in your lifetime. No wonder Allah promised Heaven for mothers that dies during childbirth and considered syahid.

Being in the labour rooms i saw mothers who didn't take any epidurals for their birth, how they were in so much pain that they screamed for the midwives to just "pull the baby out of there" and some were in so much pain,sorry to say, even to the extend of defecation.. but once the baby comes out, its the most magical thing you can observe. 

So, whats my point here rambling on and on about this? well, we all know how much our mother's have sacrificed for us rite? i'm sure most of us are well aware of this. 
The point is:
- how often have we thanked our mothers for all that they have done?
- how often do we call or text our mothers just to ask how they are or are they in good health?
- how often do we pray for our mothers(and fathers) wellbeing after our Solah?
- how often we apologise to our mothers for our wrongdoings, raising our voices to them or going against their   wishes?

We are far far away from our families, and how often do we think and worry about our mothers? I can bet, our mothers are worried about us all the time(mostly)
So anyone reading this, go ahead. Call your mothers, or text them asking how are they doing, saying that you love them, and pray for them in your daily prayers.

the last text i got from my mom today: OK selamat belajar...jgn abaikan sembahyang tu.
Alhamdulillah..i have a great MOM. her name is Eshah Bt Ahmad

Ibu mithali ibu yang sejati
Kasih sayangmu kasih yang suci
Pengorbananmu disanjung tinggi
Jasamu tetap di sanubari

Ibu oh ibu fitrah ku murni
Kelembutanmu menyentuh hati
Semai kasihmu dalam jiwaku
Kau disayangi kerana menyayangi

Ibu oh ibu hatimu suci
Tulus ikhlasmu mendidik daku
Sanggup bersusah dan menderita
Demi kebahagiaan sekeluarga

Ibu oh ibu kau serikandi
Bakti amalmu tidak terperi
Beramal soleh berperibadi
Mentaati Allah juga suami

yours truly

11 kritikus:

Witty Angel said...

miracles kannn???padahal diorg punye la sakit then tgk baby jeee terusss senyum..speechless sometimes...=)..
and ade sorang hamba Allah ni cakap die xsempat amik epidural and die kene episiotomy..i asked her, sakit x?die cakap langsung x after tengok muke baby itu..oleh itu kawan2..marilah kite same2 appreciate ibu kitee....eventho kamu pompuan xsemestinye kamu kene ignoree parents kamu and ikut husband sepenuhnyeee kottt..lalala...

Anonymous said...

salam, alang2 tu kan shahid..everyday is parents day~!! peace!
p/s: hargailah mereka. do not whine over small things. sile bersyukur ;)

Anonymous said...

oh ibu...
kau disiram bayu pagi...

teringat mamat exist

ilman aiman said...

to mom,

no matter where i go, nothing beats the comfort of ur loving arms...

and i mean every word of it.

(and while we're on this, i like this song: ummi by hadad alwi)

Anonymous said...

homesick aku dgn entry shahied ni.huhu..lambatnye mesia nak siang...

theclumsydoctor said...

I remembered my mom telling me when she was giving birth to yours truly, it was the 1st time that Ayah was able to be with her, ye la, zaman dulu2 mana dia bagi suami masuk kan.

And it was the most difficult and painful labour for her, placenta praevia and all. she was crying the whole way, and she said my Ayah was crying as well, and said to her, "Sudahlah lepas ni, tak payah dah ye"

My point is, I agree with you Shahid. I learn the hard way to appreciate what you have left before it's gone.

Point lagi satu, lelaki jangan la mintak anak ramai2, kesian la kepada bakal2 isteri anda :)

fendi said...

a nice video which suits perfectly with this entry~ srius berderai air mate ak tgok video nih...huhuhu

Surat Seorang Ibu

Anonymous said...

cisss..saje jekk wat org homesicckk!!!

shahied said...

ape salahnye homesick ;) at least igt jugak kat family diMsia hehe..sowwy

Wahidah said...

u make me missing my mom...isk3...

Anonymous said...

A very gud one shahid! and d song just perfectly suits d mood. There's no such great love on earth as mom's. Love her, cherish her =)