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Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Monday, November 3

Monday's Updated: The Lesser of two Evils.

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

I for one believe that America is a very influential country that than shape the future of the world. It can either choose to go with the rest of the entire world or against it.

For example, America is the only country able to invade another country willfully, with known intentions, and unlawfully doing so infront of the United Nations eyes, with UN having absolutely no power to stop it. That is how strong America is. Veto.

In comparison to our motherland- Malaysia, we are not influential and strong enough to have a say in the direction of the world's future policy. At the moment, we can only afford to agree or disagree, not go against it.
We can scream and shout, like Dr M did a couple of years back, voicing our concern, on important issues like palestine, one-sided foreign policies, and oppression of third world countries, making our stance be known, but still we are a regarded like small puppy, bark worst than its bite. Only to be ignored.

One way we can improve this is by making sure our country is growing on commendable rate such that our infrastructure, education system and economy are at par with developed nation. This will take time. And with patience, we will get there. And then we will provide balance to this unbalanced free world we live in.

Obama and Mccain. Obama's win is vital in ensuring a better international political scene. Mccain's win will further ascerlate the tensions the world's nation already in now. Obama is not perfect.Thelesser of two evils.

maaf jika ada sesiapa yang terasa.

Saya terfikir sejenak ketika membaca "entry" Ameen yang sungguh kasual dan penuh dengan perkataan-perkataan baru seperti "beb", "huargh", "bley", "slumber", "cilakak", "siot" dan lain lain.

Kemanakah halatuju bahasa malaysia di masa hadapan?

Ada pendapat yang mengatakan bahasa ini ibarat cermin masyarakat...
kesat bahasa kesatlah jiwa.

Something I would like to share with Shahid n Aiman. sorry abit shaky, susah nak record. tq guys.

7 kritikus:

shahied said...


maestronine said...

errrrrrr?? nk gune kamus ape ni nk translate??

shahied said...

morse code kot...

Anonymous said...

wow, heavy talk here. but cam xder org nk layan jer. cian sape yg tulih ni, heheh

'kesat bahasa kesatlah jiwa'?

all i can say is 'tepuk dada tanya selera' :D

shahied said...

yey obama menang!! by a landslide!! who would have thought we would live to see this day kan.
tp tgk balik kat malaysia, KECEWA, najib? menang tanpa bertanding..bosan2..ape harapan malaysia camni..
dapat paklah pun dolu2 igt ok la.. he asked to work with him, instead of working for him but in the end, he himself don't know what he is doing..haih..

Wahidah said...

bestnya dpt fly...huhuhu..

bahasa jiwa bangsa...:P

lynn afandie said...

quoting shahid "he himself dont know what he is doing"

REALLY? how in the world would you know that? Englighten me..hehe