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Saturday, November 29

the initial impression

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

it takes just a quick glance.. maybe a couple of seconds or so for someone to evaluate u forming an initial judgment. largely based on how u represent urself, first impression is all about the right appearance, the body language or gestures that u make in between conversations, the demeanour, the mannerism & not to forget the attire that u put on ur back during the meeting. often enough, when someone has already formulate an opinion about u, then it can be very difficult to reverse or undo their judgment making those first encounters extremely important, for they set the tone for all the relationships that follows.

subjective as it is, but some people can effortlessly give a flawless first impression. they may not be the smartest bunch, they may not be the coolest crowd to hang out with, heck they may even wear a simple plain T pagoda, with a matching boxer shorts.. but what they have that we lack is the aura . so what is actually an "aura". we've heard it being mentioned numerous times before.. but what does it mean? how can i get an aura? does it matter that much? well, to kick of things, aura is the area around u, that u create by what u wear, how u act, how u look and all of them complement the atmosphere that u are, given the particular time & space. it all goes together to make one good impression. u could wear a very expensive suit, but if u stand slumped over with ur head down, u won't give a confident aura... as simple as that.

so, my advice is, no matter the circumstances, just try to be comfortable with ur own skin, try not to overdo it because everybody hates poser!! and lastly, u can't force everybody to like u, so don't go all ballistic if the feedback isn't favourable.

-ilman aiman-

p.s: yg kata my writing is nonsense & too philosophical tu.. ko baca jugak kan, u just keep coming back for more, can't keep ur ithcy hands off our blog is it? i bet u keep on refreshing the page. spot on babeh. heheh

8 kritikus:

Wahidah said...

huhuhu...good entry bro..well tk yah bother la aiman..tk effect aper2 pun kn...keep writing kay...

ilman aiman said...

thanks ida.. x luak mana la sbb tu stranger, tp when someone u know, critic ur cooking.. huhu, berbekas rasanye. *sob*

Wahidah said...

critics ur cooking?? mcm mnearik je bunyinya tuh..well biler eik aiman nk jamu ida ngan ur cekodok?? huhuhu

Anonymous said...

hoho aiman.
lajunye tulis pasal 1st impression
as predicted by nik
sape kritik your cooking? on off? sape ni?
kalau off tu aku pun terase hehehe
tapi nik... nik mmg kene off hehehe
kan dah berbau!
seronok ar kowrang sume..

ilman aiman said...

cekodok... nyum2 =D, teringat mkn mcD kt alamanda, sampai manager kene panggil. hehe, ida mmg sempoi!

ilman aiman said...

to ameen, bagaikan kura2 dlm perahu, pura2 tak tahu la pulak.. dushh

Wahidah said...

mcd alamanda??? huhuhu..terimbas kembali eik..tu la saper suh lmbt..hehehe

maestronine said...

u welcome constructive criticism kan aiman?? just ignore that someone u know.. u know yourself and your skills better than him.. teruskan memasak utk rumah eh ;)