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Friday, November 7

megasale: part 2

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

the world has been feeling the affect of a weak economy. our money is not as strong as it use to be, and the rising oil prices is burning away our disposable cash. now the majority of people are forced to making budget cuts. we can no longer go out and dine as much or splurge on expensive merchandises like we used to. now.... we have to shop smart. in a way... this has both a good and bad effect for us. the weakening economy is handicapping our spending, but it is also teaching us new ways to spend our money cost effectively.

so...who has money to spare on beautiful fashion??

well, for a start.. i do, u see..clothes are one of those necessities in life that tell people who u are before u even have a conversation. it is unfortunate that we can be cruel sometimes. we judged. and often enough, unintentionally, we based our judgments on what people put on their back. when u wear an outfit, u want it to say a positive message about urself. period.

some people think to purchase quality clothes means u have to spend a lot of money on designer clothes. this statement is incorrect. and i repeat that again... it is a far stretch for the real truth. as a matter of fact, if u purchase a garment because it is cheap then u wasted ur money. it is better to have a good, quality piece of clothing that fits u well and complements ur figure than to have “junk” clothes all stacked up in ur drawers.

the trick is when shopping for good quality pieces, u can still get great deals on the clearance rack or in bargain bins. however, make sure the garments have quality stitching and fabric, and it fits well before u add it to ur wardrobe. i do this all the time. upon entering a store, my eyes will wildly wander around, looking for any clearance or rack sale stuff that offer good quality items with an affordable price tag. and i'm not ashamed to admit this.... and also, the best time to shop is to purchase at the end of season. discounted items are everywhere by then. sometimes up to 70%. so, if time is not a factor, then why not wait a little while before go splurging.

but the dilemma for me now, is that.. i have a ball to attend to next week, and i have no proper attire to complement the event. is it better for me to purchase a one piece that will last long enough to witness any other upcoming important events or should i dig in into the cheap bargain stores trying on stuff that maybe i'll be wearing only for this ball? i'm a bit indecisive on this. we'll see...
but rest assured... i don't dress to impress. maybe.. just maybe, who knows, my self esteem or should i say my confidence level would peak if i put on a nice tux & walk the walk, feeling like the man of the hour...... *wink*

p.s: sorry nik, i borrow ur idea but i expand it a little further. this is what i mean. n yeah, about my earlier post, i deleted it already because nobody seems to get the underlying message that im trying to point out there. huh...

-ilman aiman-

6 kritikus:

shahied said...

i agree. pricey does not mean trendy or quality or whatever.and cheap doesnt mean crap or tramp or whatever and vice versa
point is, spend wisely whatever you spend it on.
contohnya, kalau nk beli camera, get a good and quality one eventho it seems a bit pricey. it'll last long and u wont be dissapointed with the pictures.
kalau nk beli kasut, mahal cane pun kalau tak sedap pakai n ur kaki melecet at the end of the day tak gune gak.
kalau nk beli baju, mahal2 pun the appearance looks much the same as the cheap pennys ones.
but some things are just pricey no matter what the quality(contohnye kereta..hehe)
so spend ur money wisely for the present, save some for the future, and don't dwell too much on the money spent in the past..once u give it to the cashier its gone(unless u go for the refund that is)

Anonymous said...

haha aiman
u want to borrow mine?
actually it wont fit
anyway i tot. agree with aiman regarding the sale thingy

ilman aiman said...

i agree with the part where u shouldn't dwell on things that u've purchased....

but i still don't have anything to wear.. *sob*

maestronine said...

no worries.. well written..

the other way is to find more money.. it might solve the cost problem to a certain degree..

n talking about appearance.. ade je org yg ade duit lebih sket, tp dress biase2 je.. ade je org yg biase2 tp dress mcm org byk duit..

n i think we need to practice the philosophy of prioritising.. what we really want in this world.. and at the end of the day, it is our own satisfaction that really counts..

aiman.. whatever you wear, sure you'll be the man of the hour.. *wink*

ilman aiman said...

true. people who are under dressed not necessarily means that they can't afford it.

e.g: orng cina kt msia, lepak jer pakai t shirt pagoda & seluar pendek, tp drive merc, bmw.. etc..
they invested more on real estate.

and thank u.

Wahidah said...

so aiman dh ade attire utk ball ke??? wink wink wink..