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Thursday, November 6


cakap-cakap maestronine

just want to share something with my housemates and other readers.. this saying is actually taken from a must-read and highly recommended motivational book - the magic of thinking big by david schwartz.. during my interviews in younger days, i was so obsessed with this maxim (+ a few more).. i would try very hard to utter the phrase.. i would find ways to eventually bring up a topic related to it..

"pay twice as much and buy half as many"

in my opinion, this saying put an emphasis on quality rather than quantity.. and with regard to the quality, i always ask myself, what is my productivity rate for today etc2.. what i mean by productivity rate is, is my action worth the time and money spent.. banyak lagi boleh elaborate ni.. takut panjang sangat, bosan.. + malas nak mengerah keringat minda..

and if to take the phrase literally, i think it can be applied in our shopping activities.. dari beli benda banyak2, baik spend beli benda yang mahal sikit yang pakai pun sedap.. puas pun puas.. and selalunya barang mahal ni tahan lebih lama.. jgn sebab murah, kita sapu semua.. but then, bear in mind, stuffs that are expensive does not necessary mean high in quality.. although it almost always does.. so fikir2 kan lah.. especially bila musim membeli belah menyerang dengan hebatnya..

thu nov6th2008 2110

12 kritikus:

ilman aiman said...

ur such a thrifty person. u know that & i know that... and ur talking about megasale??? huh.. how ironic.

maestronine said...

jimat berpada2..

shahied said...

thrifty tu ape aiman? yes, ironic.. as ironic as iron man..keh keh

Anonymous said...

betul aku stuju dgn nikko

beli heater/fan blower...kene la beli DeLonghi

Anonymous said...

nik is thrifty?? hm, 1st time dgr ni. n here i tot nik is alwiz go for branded stuff. rupe nyer dep on productivity rate yer... hm, nice tip ^_^

Anonymous said...

haha nik.. mengata fieha eh?? tapi fieha dah lama x masuk primark.. dh over a year kot.. ^_^ tapi next, HNM, bay, top shop and etc slalu jugak.. ermmm boleh ke?? ;)

maestronine said...

haha tiada kaitan dengan hidup n mati.. just sharing my thought.. in this book, he talked about the significant of personal appearance and dress up is important.. you will get the confidence as well as boosting up your self-esteem.. and most of the time people would definitely pay attention to you.. or at least wondering who is this man/woman..

ilman aiman said...

suke buat aku rasa guilty.. huh

maestronine said...

aiks.. bile mase plak this time around?? sorry =)

lynn afandie said...

Tak semua branded stuff lebih berkualiti dari yang murahan. Contoh terbaik: ubat-ubatan.

So do clothes/foods/shoes etc.

Penah je beli kasut yg lg mahal dari kasut primark yet lg menyakitkan kaki and cepat haus tapak dia..haa..so? so?

But it doesnt mean yang murah is always as good as yg mahal..but it could be better

maestronine said...

i agree.. sbb tuh kene weigh cost benefit.. poket pn kene jage jgk.. so come the keserdahanaan bit..

but as for me, my experience.. berbaloi spend a lil bit extra on certain things.. prognosis = excellent & long-lasting..

izadiskandar said...

i go for cheap things. sorry, labels dont go well with me. but quality does. penneys/primark is my weakspot. lagi lagi clearance rail.

today bought myself a 3euro baju kerja, harga asal 15euro. puasss. tapi in term of quality, eg. perfume, all out.. CK my fav.

tapi tgh demam pun boleh beli baju.. mcm mana tu.. tapi ameen?

this is my view. Selama mana saya duduk dgn the guys ni, ameen go for quality. and u can notice that, with that, understandably, barang pun sedikit.

Shahid, hmmm dia ni kat middle skit, ada yg high taste quality, ada yg tak, tapi largely dia banyak barang.

nik fathul, hahaha, sorry nik. saya rasa kamu ni macam berkira sedikit (bagus tu), so brang sikit, quality pun so so.. (kira kalau compared to ameen, dia high taste skit).

Aiman, banyak barang, tak go for branded items. tapi dia paling banyak tie. kagum. taste dia lain dari taste saya.

myself. banyak giler barang, murahan tapi. rasa kalau susun dalam spektrum, ameen is one end (the quality end) and I am on the other (quantiti end).

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