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Tuesday, November 25

musik part 2..

cakap-cakap brainbarrier

the dark side of music?
do i really have to tell u guys?
(xde mood)

talking about competition
frankly, im not a competitive person
but u need competition or some kind of it to learn about/improve yourself
i love seeing people compete with each other
and i would say " hell no..i dont want to get involved"
be it academically or any other areas
but i'll make sure at the end of the day, i get what i really want
so to my competitors out there...
thank you

p/s: so sape 'out there' yang rasa diri dia kompetitif, teruskan usaha anda.


5 kritikus:

izadiskandar said...

tak paham. am i missing something?

Anonymous said...

ameen..ni gara2 ko baru habis main kuiz radio ke?

tp..aku rasa..i'm not a competitive person..and that is really worrying..or is it not?

Anonymous said...

weh ni aku tak tuju spesifik kpd sape2 tapi kat semua org laa..

well kompetitif ade kelebihan dan ade jugak kekurangan.. tapi bagi aku lebih kpd kelebihan.

ilman aiman said...

kan ameen kan??

aku ni biase2 jer, xde kompetitif mana pun.

ilman aiman said...

and on a more serious note, i think it works both ways. be competitive when need be, but don't overdo it. sometimes, being competitive can bring out the best of u, it makes u in dire for more, and besting others who u consider as ur competition.

but that's just me talking and i'm not even a competitive person to begin with.