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Sunday, November 16

i feel small

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

it can be frustrating and emasculating.... depressing and tiring as well. but more importantly, it can be baffling. u know who u are and what ur capable of. u know ur normal, and have as much to offer the world as the next person standing next to u. but sometimes others don't see it that way. and standing at 5'7 will not do much if u live in this part of the world. and of course back home, u blend well with the people and most of them will average about ur height. but when u walk into a room full of people and rubbing shoulders with people who are blessed with good height, then that feeling is completely gone. u feel tiny... that sometimes u have to chin up & stand on ur toes just to get a decent picture with them. and still they tower u that much!! i must admit, in times like this, how i wish that i could cut a few inches from their lenghty legs and add them to mine!!!

but surely, when i come to my senses, i won't say this is unfair because variation happens, and such thing is that either ur born with it, or u don't have it at all. tough luck isn't it not? and don't get me wrong. i don't hate tall people. i just envy them. because in this life, as far as i see it, having those extra inches matters a lot. and some may be blindly unaware of this fact but in certain areas, being tall is an advantage. an having said that, as much as i wish i could be taller, i know at this stage, nothing much could be done. so, i have to work with what i've got. and in all honesty, i like tall people. i fancy tall women. but ...i still despise being photographed with one, because despite being genetically tall, they have the ultimate accesories that could flaunt up their lenghty legs by dorning it up with some manolos or a choo (if they can afford it that is =D).

p.s: apologies for the late entry.

-ilman aiman-

6 kritikus:

Witty Angel said...

aiman..u should upload those 3 pictures..hehe..baru best..maura, andrea and eh sape eh sorang lagi?

ilman aiman said...

3/3.. mission accomplished, ngee (clap2)

Wahidah said...

dont worry la aiman..in malaysia u still among the tall man what..huhuh...enjoy ur paeds rotation..:)

izadiskandar said...

i prefer to be 'big' than tall.

lynn afandie said...

small small la kiyutt aiman!
p.s: tinggi sangat susah carik seluar, rendah sgt pun susah carik seluar..i'd say..ur size is..comel! Elok la tuuu..unless u plan to get married to some minah saleh..hehehe. Tapi orang british pun small2 jeee

Anonymous said...

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