When I grow up.. I wannabe a Dr.

Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Tuesday, September 30

raya 08

cakap-cakap brainbarrier

how festive can this raya be? let us all hope that this raya bring some joyful moments that we can treasure for years to come. so, from the bottom of my heart, selamat hari raya and maaf zahir batin.

-ilman aiman-

3 kritikus:

izadiskandar said...

selamat hari raya aiman
maaf zahir bantinggggg

ilman aiman said...

where are the other posts? shahid? nik?

n yeah, selamat hari raya to all of us. maaf zahir batin

maestronine said...