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Friday, October 10

boys don't cry ( a softer side)

cakap-cakap brainbarrier

how often do we find a breed of male population that can get past the old models of masculinity and embrace their softer and gentler side? more often than not, men are bounded with ego, trained not be easily shattered and emotionally cold so that we don't lose touch with our own inner fire and power as men. but does being sensitive highlites a weaker corner of the personality that men have been trying to hide all this while?

a recent discussion with some colleagues made me wonder whether are men really tied up in an ongoing set of expectations that are imposed on them to act accordingly, showing appropriate behaviour, making sure that the masculinity is maintained in any given circumstances. surely, a touch of vulnerability is acceptable but the threshold is indeed greater. men is born to be the saviour, the knight in shining armour that is destined to lead, to control and to dominate...all of which require a certain quality that reflects strength, agility, and endurance. now, we wouldn't want to bring shame to our testosterone level do we?

but the problem is have we gone too far?? not being emotionally ready to connect to our softer side, being insensitive on things that require considerate attention and comforting words. why are we so reluctant to admit our own misfortunes, to share & care for our problems and to have a shoulder to cry on, someone who will tell us to our face that "it's not the end of the world"...

the return,
-ilman aiman-

p.s: aku masak ayam peper arini & ameen puji sedaappp... la la la

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Wahidah said...

man also crying when necessary..:P

cooking??? wow...hehehe