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Sunday, October 26


cakap-cakap ilman aiman

ahhhh....again.... the Praise... the kudos!... the acclaim! ....the applause!.

what is the appropriate response following a complement? do u bask graciously in the limelight? or do u mumble & fumble for words? do u treasure the moment of glory? or do u shrink in embarrassment?

when people have trouble accepting praise, it is usually evident. some feel awkward and undeserving while they mumble some meaningless reply and quickly vacate the scene. some resort to a self-deprecating attitude, saying things such as "It was nothing, really." some get pompous and use praise as a springboard for bragging about their other achievements.

how u accept praise has to do with ur self-esteem, the way u validate ur efforts, and knowing what to say in return. sincere praise is a precious gift. when a friend, coworker, or loved one gives u a praise or pays u a compliment, just say "thank you." & say it with true feelings of gratitude. then revel in the kudos, bask in the acclaim, and smile through the applause!

-ilman aiman-

7 kritikus:

Wahidah said...

certain time we need the sincere praise what...jgn puji lebih2 sudahla..heheeh

ilman aiman said...

saying thank u is sufficient enough.

Wahidah said...

yerp...thank u for being a great frenz.....:)

Anonymous said...

aiman roxx!

maestronine said...


man ko rock aa bro..

ilman aiman said...

practice what u preach mode:

----- thanks guys..

Anonymous said...

eh man.. ko lapar ke?
meh duk jap...
lepas ni azman (hahaha) nak datang!