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Wednesday, January 21

Perghhh.. pehal jiwang sangat ni??

cakap-cakap shahied

Love. Its a weird thing. Its natural to want to be loved, to love. Sunnatullah we are made as men and women in pairs. Everybody has their own definitions of what love is. "How do you know if you love someone?" a friend once asked me. My answer was, well, until you yourself experienced it, its hard to explain. You would know it yourself if you are (i think). This is not a general rule though. Of course there are exceptions to everything.

Love. Its spans all humanity.

Question is, if you were given a choice, and you MUST ONLY CHOOSE ONE, which one would you prefer?
a) being with someone who loves you
b) being with someone you love

my theory was, guys would mostly choose b), and girls would mostly would choose a)
anybody dare to prove me wrong??


13 kritikus:

theclumsydoctor said...

shahied, weird la, bukan wierd. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

aiyooo, at least ada choice.kalau tade? haha..mungkin perlu senyap saje =P

Anonymous said...

GG rasa kan shahied, it takes two to tango ;)

Anonymous said...

ni gara2 natasha 'confess' ke tadi??

Witty Angel said...

who loves me..ahhaha..of course..hahaha

Anonymous said...

my ex-bf-to-be chose someone who he loves..of cos that's only if being love and be loved in return seems impossible

izadiskandar said...

hmm soalan trick tu, berdasarkan pengalaman, if u are within the company of a lady (jika anda berada di kalangan perempuan) while ure asked that question (ketika anda ditanya soalan tersebut), answer this (jawab begini):

"I would definitely choose someone who wud love me for who I am, and I would love him/her back for who he/she is: a kind soul"
(1st class honours answers, wud melt her/their heart there n then!)

If u are with guys when asked this question, answer this:

" WTF, Wat kind of question is that?! Why the *"£% are we talking about love??!. What, you Gay or something?"
(1t class honours).

-I shud write a book about this!-

shahied said...

ala izad.... malu2 pulak..

shahied said...

Izad says: "I would definitely choose someone who wud love me for who I am, and I would love him/her back for who he/she is: a kind soul"

man... this answer is more gay than the question itself. so gay that it even has its own sauce..lol(pinjam lawak izad)

shahied said...

yusma: you salah tgk kott... betul je i eja tu.
gg n aju: hape la, tak menjawab soalan langsung...
eyewitness: kureng hasem.. daku tau dikau sapa!
anon: ex-bf-to-be? wah.. baru bf-to-be dah kene ex!

shahied said...

sori la membanyakkan comment kat entry sendiri :p

Wahidah said...

hurm..of course la with sum1 that loves me..:P

Anonymous said...

eh gg jwb soalan lah..love works both ways, just like evrything else..if one part doesnt want to dance to it anymore, there is no more love..so it takes two to tango :) peace..