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Friday, October 10

stepping up

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

in this harsh reality of life, it is nearly impossible not to care about what grades u get. having been slaving ourselves through med school for the past few years, certainly getting a first class honors is rewarding. but underneath all the good hopes & work laboured into achieving such level, the reality is a little too far within our grasp. and lets face it... good grades can be a plus. people with good grades get a lot of recognition. it boosts one’s self esteem to know that one is performing well. the better ur grades are, the better ur odds of securing a job and in the long run, traditionally it is supposed to open lots of doors for better career opportunities.

but what about the rest of us? what does it say about us if our grades are average at best, possibly worse? how are we going to get by without as many doors of opportunity open to us? are we snubbed just like that.. being punish for not performing as well as some of the high fliers of our peers? are we doomed to a life of mediocrity?

i don't know why i write about this. maybe because i'm a bit bitter of the fact that my grades now are no where close to what they used to be. or maybe this is a self comforting words that i use to remind myself, that there are more into working life than just getting good grades. i don't know. yesterday, as we're finishing our 3rd rotation (paediatrics), dr.C gave out a good few pointers on how she sees life after medical school. and what i'm attracted the most, is where she lashes out that for the majority of us, the mediocres that is... we don't really need to worry as it is our bunch that usually shines the most after med school. it could be a self compensatory thing that we do, to push ourselves ahead or maybe because we're trying to prove a point. that we could be a somebody. yes, surely ur grades are better than mine now. but does that mean that ur gonna work up the ladder faster than any of us!! maybe?... or maybe not.. =D

and again, as we are drawing closer to the end, personally for me, it would be interesting to see who among us will reach up the top the fastest 10-20 years down the line... position wise & also money wise. if based purely on my observations of which i could be bias about, i see some promising talent among my fellow peers. but of course anything could happen & i wouldn't want to write off anybody. so, it's a fair race. best of luck to us all.

-ilman aiman-

p/s: this has nothing to do with anybody. just a random thought. so please, don't get self conscious or be upset unnecessarily.

6 kritikus:

Witty Angel said...

ngee..somehow ape yg dr.c cakap semalam tu cam motivate us a bit kan?mcm eventho kite skang average je who knows kite akan jadi someone in the future kan?and kat sini we have language barrier sume some more and culture dieorg cam xsesuai sangat ngan kite but insyaAllah, in the future kat msia kite boleh..go go chaiyok!

Anonymous said...

kadang kadang, orang yang kita tak sangka2 tu lah yang akan suprisekan kita. semoga semua berjaya dalam bidang pilihan masing2 nanti.


ilman aiman said...

tula, aku pun suka dgr bile die ckp cmtu. and die pu mention, even yg x lepas xm pun end up jadi consultant skrng ni.

so, u never who's gonna rise up above u. who knows.. it can be the quite one who is average at best in college but turns out to be the most successful after med school.

p/s: and of course, die pun ckp surgeons earn more money comparatively... ngee =P

Wahidah said...

hm its true la.its happen to me sendiri taw...masa study dl i admire sgt ngan one of my clicks..best student tuh..tp skrang die bukan best workers pun...bese2 jer..

exam ni actually mcm nk lepaskan kiter utk ade lesen je..to me la..

kalo dpt good grade tu extra credit for us la...hehehe

pergh nk jugak mention surgeon earn more money....jd la srugeon aiman..:P

ilman aiman said...

yes... someone said to me that the exams are just to pass/qualify u. after that, it's a different ball game...

Anonymous said...

macam mana pun rezeki masing2