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Tuesday, January 13

Don't be my Valentine

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

Tomorrow is Feb the 14th, an annual event of celebrating love. every where u turn u see signs of love and togetherness. it seems that everything comes in twos. All the hearts and kisses and lovey dovey drivel that u can stomach. it's wonderful, great and all that gushy stuff that everyone is in love.

but what about us that are alone? what about us that have no one to send roses and candy, and heart-shaped valentines to? this can be the most depressing day of the year for those of us who have loved & lost or are still searching for the right one. even some with a partner can feel the sting of loneliness if the glow of love is no longer bright. let's not forget those whose quest for love is still ongoing.

but often enough we tend to forget that love comes in different shapes and sizes. sure, we may not have a significant other to share the mutual feeling of being loved, but the presence of our circle of friends are more than enough to compensate for this empty feeling . just because u’re single doesn’t mean u’re alone!

so... this is a memorial, a tribute for everyone out there who is still hunting for a love of their own. single guys, single ladies.. to us all...

p/s: this is purely fiction. we're all better than this rite?. hahah

-ilman aiman ismail-

3 kritikus:

fendi said...

a video to go along with the entry


ilman aiman said...

that's a good one. but i just stick to the chocolates though. the FYP is keeping me busy. so, the misery is cut to half already. hahah

Anonymous said...

hai.. don't worry, i'm here