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Friday, February 6

Politik Cacamarba

cakap-cakap shahied

Sorry to say but this is typical of our Malaysian society. Bickering about politics, stature, and heirarchy. Everybody wants to be in the seat, but it seems like nobody is taking it seriously enough.

Now the situation in Perak recently is the most bemusing up to date.
As i understand, 3 ADUN chairs have been vacated for whatever reason. So as it stands, PAKATAN RAKYAT has 28 ADUN and BARISAN NASIONAL has 28 ADUN as well. Now its seems like its all fair and square and nobody has the upper hand nor the MAJORITY needed to establish a state governance.
Suddenly out of the blue comes racing in the BN people particularly UMNO announcing through the clown they call Prime Minister that BN has taken Perak Goverment from PR.
And since when the Sultan has that much power to ask the Menteri Besar and its EXCO negeri to step down?? wahh.. chronic..savage..
Konfius2. Ade sape2 yg paham situasi ni ke??

6 kritikus:

Anonymous said...

I hate Najib. Suddenly came into this situation and announcing the new MB. Very the cacamarba, plus batu api of main stream media just like hell. And now I hope they stop doing this to another state. Nizar has an excellent background, it's the media that created the sentiment of that 'derhaka' to sultan.
He's the one to be asked an opinion, not that BN people. Seriously I hate Najib, nak termuntah dari haritu lagi di PRK Kuala Trengganu. Seb ko kalah beb!

redhuans said...

erkkk..senanya 3 seat adun tuh bukan vacant..3 org adun tuh dorang dah jadik adun bebas..tp dorang support BN..walopun BN- Pakatan tie 28 kerusi..tp BN ader sokongan majoriti dari 3 Adun bebas nih..so BN boleh laaa bentuk kerajaan..yang pasal sultan tuh plak..before MB buleyh bubarkan Adun dier mesti mintak perkenan Sultan dulu..but in this case sultan x berkenan nak bubar Adun sebaliknya dier kata ahli2 DUN perak telah hilang kepercayaan terhadap MB..maka dier automatically cam declare yg telah wujud undi x percaya terhadap MB walaupun sebenarnya undi x percaya hanya boleh diluluaskan di dalam sidang dewan..so dier serta merta suh MB letak jawatan..dan since BN dah ader sokongan majoriti("thanks" to those 3 Adun yg lompat si katak lompat tuh)..maka BN pun wujudkan kerajaan di perak..itulah kesayhnya..

Wahidah said...

mmg cacamarba pun....mcm2 la...tk minat sgt politik ni tp follow gk la....tp mmg the sesuatu taw...isk3

Anonymous said...

n dr ape yg aku tau...dr segi law msia, dr ape yg derng wat x salah...so, wpon ramai tak suka, tp..apa bleyh buattt...cisss..if salah dr segi law pn, ade derng nak kesah..hahahaaa..

izadiskandar said...

now, Being neutral... if ikut law. what BN is doing is legal. If and When parti minority (in this case, BN) becomes the majority, Menteri Besar has to be appointed by means of majority vote, therefore making the BN candidate wins..
Ive also called my dad in malaysia (who is into politics), and from him, the cause is valid.
Now in talking about the Sultan issue, Sultan, by law does not entirely has the final say on who is the leader on his negeri, but instead a Menteri Besar is appointed by the 'restu' and permision of His excellency Sultan to administer. So if the Sultan wants it to change, he can if he so wish, to publicly inform of his intention to change the MB, but would not be able to change it without the majority of the senat.

hope this helps/membantu.


Anonymous said...

i dont think BN perak state gov at the moment is legal. 'if ikut law..what bn is doing is legal...?' heh come on. please explain in depth about this matter izad.

to topple menteri besar, there are legal ways to do it, which BN didn't use at all. 1st the MB can resign his post himself, which didnt happen. 2ndly, BN can decide to vote of no confidence (something like that la..) towards MB in DUN.. then if BN got the majority of votes the MB should step down.
i think there's a 3rd way..which i forgot. search it yourself..it's in the perak state constitution.

furthermore, the position of the 'defected' ADUNs as ADUNs(now they are BEBAS)is still in a shadow as they had signed a letter that tells them that they will be automatically expelled as ADUN if they break off from PR. This matter is still being/will be discussed in the court. So i believe that BN just assume that they have the majority and sworn in as a gov as soon as the sultan agree to accept them as the gov. the sultan played a biggg part here and i believe he had his reasons for those matters..

i'm also into politics (haha yer rite) and for me the cause is invalid. i'm not surprised that BN did the way they do at the moment as they are famous for not obeying constitutions (e.g during elections, even the perak state's). Who's leading BN at the moment... and what type of leaders are they?? I know it, the readers know it and everyone knows it! (ah gasak! asalkan dia melayu!)

And surely this political instability in Perak will continue for some time as now we got 2 MB's working at the same time.

Oh ya, someone (a blogger to be exact) voice out his opinion on this matter, this situation has a similarity with politics in ghazza.Hamas, the legitimate gov of the palestinian people was being taken over by an illegal gov (baca : fatah) as fatah is backed by the USA and of course Israel. hmm a point to ponder ..

the drama is still unfolding.who will win? well it's all up to how u define 'win'