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Wednesday, March 11

Self gratification

cakap-cakap shahied

So i was in the outpatients today..

patient after patient after patient..
it was already half 5 and i was already tuning off..
then came in this young man in his 30's
came in with a big hernia that he has been having since he was about 14/15 years...
so ok la kan... hernia, no big deal. 
then he told us (me and Mr.N our surgeon) that he is going to be admitted into hospital next week for an operation.
so tanye la kan what operation??
"oh, its to remove a foreign body in my bladder" he said. " i inserted a biro( a pen) into my urethra(salur kencing). i can still pee but its still sore".. like duhh~
mataku yg dah kuyu terbeliak.. terus segar.. i was like, what??? 
turned out that he did it on a few other occasion where even a pencil was inserted...
and Mr. N was questioning wether the hernia that he was having was due to a self inflicted cause as well as the radiology report on a scan of his testes show evidence of previous trauma.. but he vehemently denied doing anything to his balls, instead saying that he played football and probably got kicked there..

haiyoo... so wierd one.. pelik2... apparently he does it for some kind of self gratification/satisfaction..
me and Mr. N were dumbfounded and amazed as we looked at each other after he was gone.

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Witty Angel said...


shahied said...

exactly..omg kan. mmg mata yg dah nak tutup tu terbeliak n trus segar. tp kaber2 la sket.haha

redhuans said...

OMG kuasa dua..hahaha..pelik nyer manusia nih..tp siryess klaka..why the hell in the world would he inserted a pen into his urethral??to help urination??or to help erection??hahaha..aiyooo*sambil garu kepala*