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Thursday, March 19

sporting updates..

cakap-cakap maestronine

hmm where to start eh?? ok first and foremost, well done to dato' lee chong wei for a sweet revenge against lin dan in swiss open 2009.. a straight set win kept dato' his 1st world ranking spot..

moving on to the new rules by fia.. where we will see the driver's championship decided by race wins rather than points accumulated in a season.. i think this is completely ridiculous.. most if not all are against this new regulation..

talking about my all-time favourite manchester united.. haihhh.. a very poor performance at home to liverpool.. losing home and away.. so painful to swallow.. on both occasions, man u led and scored the first goal but in the end, liverpool had the last laugh.. last year, if i'm not mistaken, we lost back to back to arsenal home and away.. and yet the premier league title was still ours.. i hope the same will happen this year.. life goes on.. for us to bounce back and restart our winning form.. all the best!!

yeahhh indian wells is on the air.. c'mon mr. federer.. proof to the world that you are still capable of winning tournaments.. he will meet fernando verdasco.. mr. verdasco is a tough lad.. if he plays the way he played in australian open, it will definitely be a great match to watch.. the winner will potentially meet andy murray, considering that mr. murray wins his matches as well, in the semi-final.. best of luck the living legend RF..

this week is the final week of the six nations 2009.. ireland vs. wales.. to decide the tournament champion.. the last time ireland won a grand slam was back in 1948.. grand slam means you win all your fixtures.. while wales had lost to france, they are still going for the triple crown.. you have to beat your 3 opponents to win the triple crown and this "title" is open for grab only for england, ireland, scotland and wales.. to win the six nations, wales will have to win by at least 13 points margin against ireland.. can they stop the irish 61 years' drought of winning the grand slam?? k.o. at 5pm eire time this saturday march 21st.. best of luck irish lads!!

ooo yeahhh.. tiger woods had already make a comeback into the world golf arena after a long rest and rehab, post cruciate ligament surgery.. although not yet at his best, he definitely will in his next 18-hole course.. welcome back mr. woods!!

thu mar19th 2009 1915

2 kritikus:

Wahidah said...

yeah poor MU sbb kalah kat mtpt sendiri...tp hope we still be the champion...

yeah..sweet memory kan to lee chong wei sbb kalahkan lin dan..satu kebangkitan...good jod la dato'..:P

Anonymous said...