When I grow up.. I wannabe a Dr.

Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Sunday, May 17

.4 years, 8 months and counting.

cakap-cakap pembuli

His 'romantic' voice was rather annoying during the first year,
Shahid turn out to be our dearest big brother,
Whom we can rely on comes whatever,
He's special in his own way, that's for sure.

Aiman is more relaxed now than before,
With his spontaneity, he surprised me even more,
He's full of emotions, he's not letting it go,
But his confidence and determination I truly adore.

Used to play his guitar on yahoo messenger,
Now I see
Ameen as a future leader,
But he's so silent, no more laughter,
Probably he's seriously thinking about the future.

Such a sweet talker when we first met him,
Nik tongkat was also his nickname,
Very well-mannered and full of discipline,
Knows everything about sport, that defines him.

Izad is the youngest in the house of 75,
Definitely the one with political mind,
He's got a lot of potential, I'm not surprised,
I wonder if he's still looking for a 'trophy' wife?

So that's a little bit of everyone,
Who beautify our memories with the pleasant ones,
Be grateful for this moment although for once,
With laughter and joy, no more whine.

p/s: Terima kasih kerna sudi pelawa,
Ku coret sedikit memori yang ada,
Maafkan andai terkasar bahasa,
Inikan pembuli, macam tak biasa.

10 kritikus:

theclumsydoctor said...

clap clap!
i lyke!

Witty Angel said...

clap clap gak

maestronine said...

great entry!! i'm not sure if it was your intention.. but the order of names mentioned are according to our biological age.. even the pic (from right to left).. *clap2*

thank you pembuli for blogging with 75ers!!

ameen said...

another super entry
2thumbs up.
'main gitar kt YM??' biler ni?? :P

ilman aiman said...

beautifully written aju... well done n it rhymes all the way!!

double cheer for u!!

pembuli said...

susi and aina: clap clap gak gak

nik: aha, it was done based on age ye rakan2. nak kasi adil. dan2 jugak same ngan pix. jodoh maybe, ngeee

ameen: erk, tak hengat sudah =P

aiman: huahua, terima kasih. oh yes, aku curik pix itu from ur fb, thanks

hixoom said...

mantapon la ajuliana..
bagus anak emak sorang nih..


izadiskandar said...

haha bagus anak bapak sorang nih

shahied said...

nape kene pembuli ek?

hixoom said...

apa ni izad..