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Wednesday, May 20

Final fever is over

cakap-cakap shahied

Alhamdulillah.. Done and over with the FINALS. 

Now just waiting for the final confirmations on Friday.
Hopefully that FYP wont give any problems.. 
The moment that the orals result were read out, it was like a big rock was lifted.
The hours before that were the most nervewrecking... 
The feeling was indescribable.
The weird thing was, it wasn't HAPPINESS.
It was more of relief and disbelief.
I don't know why happiness wasn't a part of it. Well, your'e supposed to be happy right?
I didn't expect this at all. 
When i arrived home, i wanted to shout on top of my lungs. Just to let it all out. But i can't and i had to restrain from showing too much relief as my housemates haven't finished theirs yet..
The exam itself wasn't the best that i could have done. I felt that i had so much more to give but it appears that the examiners were rushing and not interested to go further. Nevertheless, i've always maintained that the most important thing is to pass this exam. All the others would be considered as a bonus.
This year hasn't been the easiest. Lots of ups and downs. Downs particularly.. And the year has finally end and those feelings hasn't gone away too far. Always lingering. Success came with a cost. Am i happy with how i achieved the success? I would have to say no. But its all have been done and said so we have to live with it. 

I'll be coming home not long now. HOMECOMING, for the final time hopefully.
What awaits back home i wouldn't dare to guess. How it will be after all this time. I'm excited to find out nonetheless!

4 kritikus:

Wahidah said...

Its over..Alhamdulillah..bgslaaa..
so chills..........

lynn afandie said...

"I felt that I had so much more to give but it appears that the examiners were rushing and not interested"

Dear, the examiners are not interested in what you can give..the patients are..your FUTURE patients. Exam is nothing dude..the marks you get for passing the final year DOESNT and WONT reflect the real doctor you will be. Welcome to the real life. And, congrats. Tomorrow shall be the day! :)

shahied said...

Thanks for the reality check~~ welcome to the real life indeed. before this it all seemed like a dream. a burden lifted of our backs and another responsibility put on our shoulders.
BUT, this exam is not nothing. It certainly tests how well you cope with stress, how you react under pressure. it tests that you look at a patient as a whole. it probably is not the real thing, doesn't fully reflect what kind of doctor you will be, that comes down to these 5 years in the making and future experiences.
5pm come quick!!!!!

Lin R Afandi said...