When I grow up.. I wannabe a Dr.

Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Friday, June 12

signed, sealed, delivered..... and published.

cakap-cakap ilman aiman

and this is not about me. the credit goes to a friend, hanif, who just completed his 4th year in RCSI, Dublin. he recently got his paper published in the Irish medical journal. it's about the outcomes in renal transplant patient in the irish population. he may be one of the few authors of the paper but having ur name published in a well respected journal deserve a special mention nonetheless. and for that matter, i'm very proud of u. u beat me to it. =)

used to be the best student in KISAS, one of the top scorer of IB (44 kot),and now a high achiever in the royal college, it comes to no suprise that he made it this far and will become a kick a@@ doctor soon. hanif, congratulations again.

p/s: when will my small scaled research be published? heheh

that's about it. off to hartamas now. see you in cork.