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Thursday, October 23

khamis malam jumaat..

cakap-cakap maestronine

*part 1*

well i had my mock exam this morning with mor.. i did my 'surgery' attachment in the south infirmary.. there was no vascular surgery there.. then i moved on next to the 'fixed' attachment, doing surgery first, with the colorectal team.. so a total of 9 weeks back to back doing surgery.. with no real experience and exposure to vascular stuff.. nonetheless, mor told me earlier on the 1st day of fixed rotation that she would give me a vascular patient for my mock exam.. so..

while waiting for the ward rounds this morning, 2 of my great colleagues tos and aw fired me with loads of questions.. trying to help me the best that they could.. they really pushed me to the edge like.. and at one stage i told them "this is an honours-question i suppose.. i must be doing very well here.. haha.."

then the girls went for their routine big-T before heading off to the opd.. i went to the library to do some reading..

later at quarter past ten, the people doing their fixed surgey in the bons, ec and aok, joined me for the mock exam.. we were assigned to 3 different patients.. honestly i was a bit nervous although it was only a mock exam.. while exploring the history, i could feel that i was a lil bit sweaty on my back.. however the patient was really friendly and he explained his symptoms very well.. his clinical features were indicative of acute limb ischaemia..

40 minutes later, 3 of us went into a room to present the history.. my presentation was fine and there was definitely room for improvement.. it wasn't that bad but still.. and i blame myself for the lack of practice.. i know i could have done better like.. we went to the bedside and i was asked to do some examination with regards to the upper limb.. overall, i would say my performance was at par and i need to work harder like..

-tbc like-

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ilman aiman said...

u deserve more credit that what u awarded urself with...