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Saturday, March 14

White and Yellow. Its all in a skin’s deep.

cakap-cakap izadiskandar

Caucasian. Whites. Orang putih. Whatever you call it. They are the ones with relatively more pale skin than ours. Largely originated from mainland Europe.

Asian. Yellows. Orang Asia. Whatever you call it. They are the ones with darker with slightly brownish/yellowish tinge but less dark than people of African origin.

Now, why would I bring this potentially racist / controversial factoid up for discussion?

IT has to my attention that there is a reveling trend of Asians being attracted to Caucasian. And this is fair and fine. But unfortunately there are less Caucasian that find Asians attractive.

This issue is very uncomfortable for me. Discussing color as I have a firm believe that all are created equals, and thus should be treated as such. No one shall be judged by the amount of melanin pigments in their largest organ in their body (skin).

There are views out there that see the Caucasian (and the west) are of higher standards and are of superior race. Hence, a certain members of other cultures (example Asians) go out of their way to “get their hands on one”, disregarding their own kind. I am strongly begging to differ on that. I felt the media is hugely to blame for all this. The magazines, the movies and the television has successfully portrayed and slowly brainwashed the modern society into perceiving what should be termed beautiful.. and what is less beautiful.

What do you think? Would you look into colour before others?

This is very uncomfortable.

This means it is worth discussing.

Mr Monday on Saturday.

As always.. heres my Video of the day.

2 kritikus:

Anonymous said...

hati and attitude tu penting.. tak kisah la warna kulit. tapi as a muslim we should seek extra la kan

Anonymous said...

apa ameen kata itu betul
but superficially..
it must be the eyes la..
tp ada org kata the eyes are the window of the heart..
tak gitu?