When I grow up.. I wannabe a Dr.

Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Saturday, May 9

yeay!! dapat tulis blog :D

cakap-cakap Anonymous

x tau nak tulis pe...

wow... what an honor!! dapat tulis entry, walaupun br je start bace
blog diorang. hm, nak tulih pe ek?... Dun have a picture of my house to 'show-off' to, totally clueless about sport (esp football), i listen to all kind of music so dunno what type of song would be suitable to post here, and one of things that you can make me silent is when you all start talking about current news.

oh well...
Cost plan for my trip to London with my mum and sis (estimation only):

Flight - e400
Accommodation - e750
Transport - e150
Food - e100 (think that's enough...)
Entrance - e150
Others - e200

Total - e1650
Reward - The smile on my ma n sis on every steps and places. Really worth it :)

P/S: omg, just realise my ma bday is during the trip, so I'm gonna have bday party there too. yeay, party at London! :D

9 kritikus:

ilman aiman said...

welcome to the blog. good entry. keep it up mills !!

izadiskandar said...

millsssssssss (pheeeeeewiiiitttt),

Hot stuff lah u nie.

I suggestkan, u letak gambar u dlm blog entry ni. so orang yg bukan dari circle of friends kita tahu siapa mills itu.

tapi very very good entry. tak sia sia kami invite you.

now i tunggu tunggu entry hari ahad dari Yusma.

mills said...

err..xde pix best rr kn izad...so xpe rr.

besides, i'm low profile person. hehehee

theclumsydoctor said...

go mills! go mills!
ala, so sweet, Izad. Haha!

Witty Angel said...

millsss marah i x komen so ok i komen tapi nak komen apeee??hahahahaha..:P..

Anonymous said...

eii...keji rr aina, komen rr entry ak. ok ke, k.o ke? 1st timer blogger, entry kt blog org lak 2..mane r ak tau ok ke x...
dh rr uncle shahid mare dgn word 'show-off'. huhu, uaa.... :'(

maestronine said...

a great start mills.. eh you should add one more specific thing to your cost plan..

souvenier for nik: e10/e50/e100


and thank you for blogging with 75ers!!

Anonymous said...

haha..ok, np nik. but only if u could triple value ur souvenir to me.
i nk complete set of Wii, incl Wii-fit. :D

shahied said...

tu bukan souvenir dah kot..