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Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Sunday, May 10

Talking About 24 x 5

cakap-cakap theclumsydoctor

In the middle of my blog-hopping activity, I came across a blog aspired by Dan Waber's. Dan Waber is a 40-year-old guy who decided on his 40th birthday, to write 40 words everyday about a person for the whole year, which he encountered during his 40 years of life. So, 365 stories altogether about people he choose randomly to talk about.

It seems an interesting idea to follow suit, but I don't think I would have enough time to sleep once I entered the working life, let alone to blog everyday.

So, in relation to the invitation by the 75ers, I decided to write 24 words (well, I'm technically still 23, but I need one extra word :P) about this 5 men which I encountered during my 5 years in Cork. So, kira oraitla kan. Setahun sorang. (bunyi macam player gila, haha!)

Mr Monday
My mom nicknamed him Dato', as he wore his infamous blue Batik shirt the first time she met him. I have no doubt he will be one someday.

Mr Tuesday
I must say, I did not know him much. He usually greets me with his wide smile, and say, "Yusma, apa cerita?" Very Irish-like.

Mr Wednesday
I was always at odds with him during First Year. But he turns out to be the big brother you can always rely on.

Mr Thursday
A man with determination. He knows what he wants and would not let anything stand in his way. Will miss his bright yellow jacket.

Mr Friday
He is full of surprises. He likes to ask random questions and smile aimlessly, but I love his honesty and sincerity. The pleasant friend.

At first, I was thinking to write poem/pantun-like post, but we'll leave that for Miss Juliana next week ;)

Yusma, out. Peace!

13 kritikus:

ameen said...


ermm..yusma..ape citer?

Anonymous said...

and that's how the experienced blogger did it! :D

wow, yusma. very nicely put.

shahied said...

i was always at odds with you during first year? o yeah? tak igt lah yusma. hehe. sila elaborate.

p/s: mantap ah dpt buat exact 24 word for everyone.
buat lah 24 words utk MILLS gak :P

ilman aiman said...

a good entry yusma!! well done !

mr friday - he likes to ask random questions... this one is spot on!

maestronine said...

haha.. yellow jacket.. igt nk bg for charity, tp buat2 igt je lh.. sayang wooo..

i'm very tempted to count but lps mandi ok.. and i bet all of us will if they haven't.. 24!!

maestronine said...

i've mandi and counted.. nape dato' dpt extra words?? or nik salah kire?? hehe..

thanks anyway for blogging with us!!

izadiskandar said...

kagum la sanggup kira words.. anyway thank you for writing. and as u said yusma, miss juliana mungkin next week. get ready beb.

theclumsydoctor said...

hahah! i thought i'm the only one OCD, korang pun 2x5.eh mane ade lebih. cukup2 24.hihihi.
shahid, mills punye nanti aku buat, sbb nk kene includekan mohd saripan jugak, hehehe

Anonymous said...

eii...dun wanna. all for one, one for all k. so if nk buat milah nye, kna buat for org len gk

hixoom said...

betul mills..i pon nak satu gak yusma..heeeeeeeeeee....

aimi said...

nak2.haha menyebokkkkkkkk...

aina said...

alaaa sussss i ponn nakk gakkk....hahahahaha-aina...hahaha gune laptop mamat ni nak komen.muahaha....
ajuuu next week i nak special punyee..yeahhh

Anonymous said...

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