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Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

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Wednesday, October 29

Malam Rabu Shahid sejuk jugak....keh keh

cakap-cakap shahied

I almost feel embarrased to post something  trivial as there's a really hot discussion going on down there about cost of getting married nowadays.. 

Kudos to Ameen. Who could predict rupe2 Ameen diam2 ubi berisi (although he's not that 'berisi')

Thanks to those who gave their insight and opinion on this matter and do keep giving em'. lets see how long the discussion could last?

But alas i still have to carry out my duty as a member of 75 to post on Wednesday. 

Sooooo... what did i cook today?                    KARI AYAM THAI            wanna know the recipe? i'll tell u at the end of the post ok?

As i promised, here are the pics from saturdays' Dublin games.

Team Cork 2008:   Theva, Ameen, Wami, David, Pe'e
Lutfi, Shahied, Nik Fathul

The Other Cork Team

Pe'e menggunakan teropong ajaib utk mencari bola..

Ameen terjatuh? atau nk menyepak bola??..tapi Ameen??

Run baby run!!

David: hey lut, why isn't that ball moving??

Bersuka ria sebelum menikmati kekalahan dalam 1st game...

Mane bola dey??- Quarter final vs DBS team A

Krew Road Trip to Dublin 25 oct 2008!!

so the recipe for KARI AYAM THAI......... i actually used the instant  one only...then 'otter2' sket mengikut citarasa ramai..hehehe..


11 kritikus:

theclumsydoctor said...

izad suruh komen.
aku pun komen.
baru panas :P

maestronine said...

not a good outing in terms of the outcome of the tournament.. same old story.. we need to rectify the problem asap.. c'mon wake up the rebels.. cheers..

izadiskandar said...

regardless, the last pic is the best pic.

hot stuff.

good stuff.

izadiskandar said...

oh ye, tadi yusma menonjolkan prestasi di discussion G04 tadi. syabas

izadiskandar said...

and nik, saya rasa weather diorang tak memberangsangkan untuk permainan bola optima. mungkin kalau tak hujan, tak ribut, tak angin kencang.. mungkin... kita dapat menang.. mungkin

or maybe kalau saya ada di padang bole, mungkin kita boleh menang.

izadiskandar said...

Tapi Ameen, pergi dublin best. lagi lagi ada kereta. Rasa grown up sangat drive masuk dublin city center dgn kereta toyota tu. pastu park n then membeli-belah dgn jayanya sempena harijadiku. lagi best bila topman dan river island sale, apa lagi?

tapi ameen?

Anonymous said...

tapi izad..

i really think that cork team A is good enough to win that tournament, but i know it will be hard to win even a single match if we dont prepare properly in term of tactics, stamina and understanding between all the players.

I do believe we have very good defensive lineups but sincerely our attackers are not quite there yet. a lot of shooting practices will do. Take the champions galway as an example, after they went 2-0 down, they still manage to score the next 4 goals without too much sweat.

we need character

shahied said...

cissss... xpe...tanak komen pun takpe..bukannye bes pun entry.. x pakse komen pun...........

izadiskandar said...

tapi shahied?

aku nak achieve objective aku hari ni. menjadi commenter terbanyak!

shahied said...

whats the point ko nk jadi commenter terbanyak?

Anonymous said...

wow...blue! my fave colour. unfortunately, didnt bring any luck 2 d guys. oh well, better luck next time.

1 question though, y shahied wear stripes blue-black?ko capt ke?